Cafe Organo Gold Mexico Network Marketing Company In 2015

Cafe Organo Gold Mexico In 2015

For those looking at the Cafe Organo Gold Mexico opportunity we feel it is important to introduce you to an up and coming network marketing opportunity in Mexico.  Organo Gold Mexico expansion has taken place and we have personally met with Shane Morand but due to law suits and legal issues many are looking for a new home.

organo gold mexicoIf you are one of those Organo Gold leaders in the USA, Mexico, Korea or Japan we would like to share some information about YEVO International.

Yevo is coming to Mexico with a mission to provide real long term stability to the network marketing leaders in this wonderful country.  So many people are eager to start their business and make a difference in Mexico-one of the top network marketing markets in the world.

*NOTE: the information below is a tentative schedule.  Even though YEVO is doing everything necessary to meet these dates, there are governments, licensing and legalities which could slow the progression by a day or two. 😉 We appreciate your understanding & informing your contact of this is well.

TENTATIVE YEVO Mexico Timeline:
Pre-registration portal opens on March 16th: (online pre-registration)
June 1st: Soft Launch – this is goal but it is tentative.
16 March we go on the road in Mexico.  Please fill out the contact form below for venues and personal introductions to corporate leaders.

– 16 March: Guadalajara
– 17 March: Puerto Vallarta
– 18 March: Cuidad de mexico
– 19 March: Acapulco
– 21 march: Monterrey

They are planning to have 2 distribution centers in the beginning. 2500-3000 sq feet, where one could pickup their orders, have the product on display and even have a room to do opportunity meetings.   Jack & I write this post for those leaders with experience and the fortitude to support a massive business in Mexico.

YEVO is a debt free company, founded by Peter Castleman

fire fan appPeter graduated from Duke University top of his class in Economics. He became a Professor at Harvard then worked on Wall Street, JP Morgan then Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group with merger and acquisitions. Extremely successful, he bought North Face when it was going bankrupt and turned it into a three Billion/year company and sold it. He did the same with Igloo, and many others.

Peter started importing Chinese herbs and grew a company to 50M/year and sold to NuSkin–this became Pharmanex which NuSkin grew to almost 1 Billion/year. Peter was quite impressed with the power of network marketing.  So four years after the founder of Herbalife passed away and the company was in a mess, Peter encouraged his 39 partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife.  They only agreed with the hedge of another Equity partner named Golden Gate. They bought Herbalife when it was a 700-800 Million dollar a year company and within five years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to more than a three Billion dollar a year company.

YEVO is on a mission to become the largest network marketing company in history.  We have everything needed to make this dream a reality and are looking for key leaders who have the vision to see a great opportunity to positively impact humanity with us.

Cafe Organo Gold Mexico is an opportunity for building a network marketing business but YEVO International is an opportunity to build a legacy company in the largest industry in the world….Food.  Having said this, everyone loves YEVO Coffee & we believe that a billion dollar brand could be built on their coffee alone.  Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about your ability to lead Mexico and bring YEVO to the masses.

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