Welcome to MLM Vantage!  Life is about perspective.

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Jack & Dani Walker – The MLM Vantage Couple

The definition of vantage: a position, condition, or place affording some advantage or a commanding view.  What is your vantage point?  Do you want to change it?  Are you ready to learn how to leverage the internet to build your home based business?

TEAMTogether, Everyone, Achieves, More.  This site is for all those searching for 21st century success in Network Marketing, lead generation & beyond.

We’ve used these exact strategies to generate 1,000’s of qualified FREE leads, open 20+ countries, rise to the top of 3 network marketing companies and meet more psychologically unemployable people, just like us, from all over the world!

On MLMVantage.com You Will Find:

  • Network Marketing company reviews – with a real look behind the curtain of each opportunity.
  • Internet marketing tips on how to  generate qualified leads and create sustainable income.
  • Leadership principles and strategies for growing a successful business from home.
  • No hype, just help.

Don’t Fall For The Hype:

Many times in the Network Marketing Industry; people get involved based solely on emotion & hype, hoping that everything they just heard over the past hour will happen for them & trusting it is true.  We’ve been there and done that and after 20 years in the industry we’ve become MLM Insiders.  We’ve become top leaders, top recruiters, international distributors of the year and we live in a town with less than 2,000 people with no stop lights.

How did we do this you may ask…we learned how to leverage the tool of the internet to bring the world to our door and meet people like you.  People searching for real companies, real opportunities and real leaders but more importantly mentors who can show them how to create a true HOME BASED BUSINESS.

Sure we travel, we hold meetings, live conferences etc to support our team but we also do it on our terms and support our team from home 24/7.  With the internet there are no walls, no borders, no limits to what you can do and who you can help.

We QUIT Multi Level Marketing – With Age Comes Wisdom

dani walker

The Walker Clan 🙂

In our “wise” old age of 40+, after 20 years of successful networking, we hung our hats. You won’t see us writing about network marketing any longer when we can help people actually make money in cryptocurrency.

Sometimes you have to work smarter and 2 years ago we decided to invest in the next wealth transfer – crypto. It’s paid off handsomely and we created this free cryptocurrency training to help any entrepreneur who understands timing, get involved and stay profitable. Grab a copy if you are crypto-curious!

After becoming top leaders in the industry and being prospected by more than 30 companies we decided to share what we’ve learned here on MLMVantage.com.  SO get ready for reality!

We will share our experiences of sitting in board rooms, with founders, master distributors, being wined and dined and why we did not partner with these companies.  We will share insider secrets to creating an income online.  Be sure to subscribe below to learn FREE & effective lead generation strategies that work.  Our team used these strategies to generate 1,000’s of free leads and you can too!

Network Marketing Is NOT…Easy

No matter what anyone tells you, success does not come easy…even in MLM.  Sure there is less financial risk, sure it levels the playing field but it still takes WORK.

This site is dedicated to informing prospective distributors of the good, bad & ugly of MLM.  You need an objective vantage point to see clearly & make more informed decisions for your own success & that is what MLMVantage.com is for.

Our success comes from 3 things:

  • learning how to leverage the internet to build an international business from home,
  • choosing the right company to promote
  • and partnering with people who are much more talented than we are.

There is a formula to follow that will increase your success & we are always here to help.

MLMVantage is for all who desire to find a home within a rugged industry.  We are a team of leaders climbing to the pinnacle together, where the real vantage point exists.  There is no greater reward than making a living by making a real difference!

May the information shared be of help to you.  We are always honored to partner with like minded people, so reach out if you are psychologically unemployable, ready to work & willing to be generously rewarded for it!

Living to share the “wealth”,

Jack & Dani

Contact email: support@mlmvantage.com