What Is Yevo? Network Marketing In 2015

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What is Yevo?

There is a huge amount of buzz going around these days about a new company with a funny name – Yevo.  But what is Yevo?  Although Yevo is new and unknown on a large-scale now, it is poised to become very well known in the not too distant future.  This blogpost will give a quick rundown of what all the excitement is about.

What is Yevo? First and foremost, Yevo is food.

Yevo is extraordinary nutrition for everyday people – people just like you and me.  People that care about good nutrition for themselves and their families but find it hard to get.  People with busy lifestyles, not leaving a lot of time for meal planning, shopping, and preparation.  People that love to cook but aren’t sure whether their dishes are nutritionally balanced; people that love to eat!

What is YevoYevo has one simple mission: to improve the lives of all people through good nutrition – nutrition that comes from the highest quality foods with no bad stuff.  Yevo’s magic number is 43… 43 essential nutrients that is.  Everybody needs all these essential nutrients to fully live, grow and heal.  What happens if we don’t get them?  No, we don’t fall over dead in a week, thank goodness, but the slowness of the negative impact is probably more dangerous because it’s easy to ignore and think all is well.  I’ve heard it said that every time we eat or drink something, we are either feeding disease of fighting it.  Think of that the next time you whip up that next batch of processed mac ‘n cheese or order that Big Mac!  Yevo food provides all 43 in every meal in the proper balance.  Who else does that?!  I know of no other product anywhere that can make that claim.

What is Yevo?  Yevo is also an extraordinary financial opportunity for everyday people – yes, people just like you and me!  People looking for something more.  People looking for a way to escape the rat race; people looking for a little more freedom.  Yevo’s founder, Peter Castleman, an ultra-successful businessman who has built up dozens of companies, 11 of which are multi-billion $$ companies, projects this company to reach a massive size as it competes against the big food companies – anywhere from $20-$200 billion.  In helping the world get optimum nutrition through food, Mr. Castleman specifically chose person-to-person marketing, or network marketing, as the most effective business and distribution model.  Someone is going to make some serious money – why not us?

What is Yevo?  Yevo is NEW!

What is YevoThe Holy Grail for network marketers is the right opportunity at the right time.  Could this be it?  That is for each individual to decide, but the demand for a universal product, backed by a financially sound company led by seasoned industry leaders, certainly makes the argument for anyone that has considered a home-based business, either for the first time or once again, that it is worth checking out to see if all the right components for success are there.


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