YEVO International, the largest little food company in the world.
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“For many who work (YEVO) the next six months very strongly, they will never need to work again.”
~Peter Castleman, Founder of Yevo International

Hello, my name is Dani Walker and as a top recruiter and networker for the past 20 years I’ve become jaded, extremely picky, seriously tenacious, overly skeptical yet completely loyal to this industry.   It’s a long story and should you really want to hear it you can always give me a call but for now I’d like to help you get to know YEVO International & Team Vision.

YEVO International – The Man Behind The Mission


Dani, Anne & Peter Castleman @ The REVEAL Event

Since you are doing your due diligence, as any intelligent entrepreneur would, my hope is that this information about YEVO and the network marketing industry will be helpful in your decision.

First of all, a network marketer is an independent contractor who partners with a company to represent their products or services and the network marketing company really owns 51% of everything you create so it is imperative that you partner with an ethical company that values people over profits.  I share that pearl of wisdom with you because the ethics, morals & values of the founder will dictate the culture of a company and it is the first thing I look at before going any further.

If you have researched Peter Castleman you know that he is an extraordinary business man.  At 58 years old he has helped create 11 different billion dollar brands and several multi-million dollar ones.  This is impressive to say the least but what caught my attention was the fact that I could not find any dirt on him online.  Just being honest here as the first place we go to research people, places and things is Google.  After all that’s most likely how you ended up here and as a internet marketing consultant, I know my way around the net.

After researching the people, the company, the marketing plan, the product, the mission, the finances etc for 6 weeks I had the opportunity to meet Peter and his entire team at the REVEAL event on November 15th 2014 (the video above was recorded there) and this event sealed the deal for me.  It was not flashy, slick or hype.  It was real, professional and intentional.

I could type a book about how Peter has surrounded himself with exceptionally talented people but this audio will prove to anyone that YEVO has the corporate staff needed for global success.

Now that you’ve listened to and virtually met the YEVO corporate staff.  Let’s talk about the mission, product and vision of YEVO International.

YEVO International Is About Solutions:


we are NOT getting 43 Essential Nutrients that we need on a daily basis from the FOOD we eat…

narration by Peter Castleman, Founder/Chairman – Yevo International

Yevo: Grow. Heal. Live.


Yevo YEVO is making our favorite foods HEALTHY! YEVO will have 3-500 food products within 3 years. YEVO will go to market with breakfast items (the most important meal of the day) and expand from there.

  • No MSG
  • No Trans Fat
  • No High Sodium
  • No Preservatives
  • No High Heat
  • No Cooking
  • No Artificial Dyes/Colors

Every food will provide protein, fiber, omegas and 50% of 43 essential nutrients per serving.  Peter Castleman partnered with Chip Marsland 5 years ago and started working on this mission to change 100 years of bad foods.  YEVO currently has 100+ products perfected and will bringing them to market over the next year.

*Our team (Team Vision) has several nutritionists, chiropractors, medical Drs and neurological specialists that are promoting the product because of the nutrient value.  As a Mother, wellness advocate & author, I, Dani, write about & teach people the importance of whole food nutrients, these foods offer such dense nutrition and high amino acid levels that YEVO foods are currently in clinical studies with chronic disease.  We anxiously await the results of these clinical studies.

YEVO Highlights: 

  • The nucleus Peter Castleman – famous financier, purchased Northface and created a billion dollar brand, purchased Igloo and did the same, massive holdings in Ethanol fuel, founded Pharmanex which is now a major part of NuSkin, bought Herbalife and took it from 700 million to 3 billion in 5 years.  Peter wants to make a positive impact in society as a whole.
  • The World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of 43 essential nutrients for optimal health . Due to soil depletion, processed foods & additives, we are not getting these from the foods we eat and it’s why there is such a global sickness epidemic today.
  • 100 + different food formulations are ready for market.  To properly scale growth, YEVO will go to market with a breakfast line & expand from there.
  • Package foods industry is a 4.3 trillion dollar industry compared to the supplement industry, only a 18-30 billion dollar industry.  People supplement to give their bodies the nutrients that they are no longer getting from food. YEVO food will provides those nutrients.
  • Common foods that we all eat and love… America’s Favorite Foods with whole food goodness … America’s Favorite Foods gone healthy.
  • YEVO understands social sharing  & provides cutting edge marketing tools and systems…mobile apps, social media friendly.  This is an area that most other home based companies fail.
  • Compensation Plan pays $1 for $1, no BV (bonus volume) or PV (point volume).  The compensation plan pays weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, offers overall shares, generational bonuses and infinity bonuses.  Allowing anyone to participate no matter the experience or time one may have to commit to their business.
  • Financing – YEVO is the most highly financed startup in network marketing history.  Peter Castleman has create 11 different billion dollar brands and considers YEVO is finest accomplishment.  Lack of funds is the biggest contributor to those that don’t make it.
  • Debt free, privately held, green & socially concious global company.
  • 2 Patents on the process of creating such nutrient dense foods.

and finally a key note to address is their attention to international expansion and longevity.  (Jack & I had teams that were personally responsible for helping our previous company expand into 3 new international markets and I can not stress enough the fact that the company itself must not only have the funds but the know how, the tools, the marketing, the on the ground support, the payment processing and licensing set in place correctly BEFORE they “launch” a country.)

  • YEVO International Expansion Strategy – No NFR (Not For Resale) business model.  Every  shipping product from the USA.  YEVO will open every country OTC and fully legal.  This means fully legal with in-house production, warehousing, distribution, corporate presence, support, culturally specific marketing, logistics etc… This is huge and for those that do international business you will really appreciate it.   The initial cost  is substantial but Peter and his team understand the global markets and know exactly what it takes to build a global brand that all cultures will engage with as well as be successful in building.

What Can YEVO Do For Me? You? Us?

YEVOThis is a long winded YEVO International review and if you have in fact read every word, then you are exceptional, showing your commitment to doing your due diligence and your desire to make a truly informed decision about YEVO.  I’m sure you will move on from here and continue to research YEVO and I encourage you to do so.

Just keep this in mind while researching…there are all walks of people and leadership in networking.  Some are the shining stars which make this industry exceptional and others are those with jaded past experience and a desire to clip every wing, stop every dream and hold people in a place of lack with them.  Consider who you are listening to and if they lead by example.  What do they have to offer you and should you should listen?  Our life experience has taught us that success rises and falls with leadership. It’s your choice.

Since you are looking at YEVO and just read a bit of what the company has created for anyone who wants to make a difference, let me share a bit about what my husband and I and our team (Team Vision) bring to the table.

Our Personal Bio:  Jack & Dani Walker are psychologically unemployable.  Together for 20 years they’ve launched 3 successful traditional businesses: restaurants, real estate & residential tree care.  Jack & Dani have reached the top ranks in the industry and because of Dani’s extensive knowledge and ability to leverage the internet she became the top recruiter and International distributor of the year in 2012.  Due to lack of ethics she resigned her network marketing position in 2013 and moved on to become a published author & internet marketing consultant.  Dani has created internet marketing courses which teach her team how to build a global brand, just as she has.  Internet marketing is not a necessity for network marketing success but when done properly it gives you and your team a huge advantage.

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