2014 Network Marketing Success Principles

3 Keys To Network Marketing Success

So you are in a network marketing company or you’ve tried and failed at several.  What is the key to network marketing success?  From the perspective of an interested promoter (distributor) we look objectively at all the variables and have narrowed it down to 3: Simplicity, Systems, Qualifications.

Network Marketing Success Principle #1: Simplicity

2014 network marketing successSimplicity is extremely important to your network marketing success!  Does the company have a simple product or service.  One that people understand, all ready use, like and will continue to buy because they like it?  If so your success will be much easier with less explanation and training.  Not having to educate people on the product/service or convince them of the value is a big load off your back.

Having a somewhat ‘sexy’ product that is a step above what the market currently offers will really increase your success and customer base.  (Sexy: the product is intriguing from the inside out.  Labeling is flashy, ingredients add value & customers ask you about it rather than you having to tell them.) Remember network marketing success is all about having customers for life!

Network Marketing Success Principle #2:  Systems

Has the company created a simple system to follow?  One that you can start doing within an hour of becoming a promoter?  You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Systems don’t fail…people do.’  Companies that understand technology have a system set up that will drip on your customers using an automated system.  Keeping your customers as well as your partners informed of company news, creating a culture and re-orders every month.

You can leverage the internet and technology to create your own system as well but it is imperative to have the company create a culture of loyal buyers who want to spread the word as well.  Social buying adds to the shopping experience and everyone loves to share what they’ve bought with their online friends.  You should have an opportunity to connect with those they refer to your company, product or service.  Having a cutting edge system will increase your network marketing success!

Network Marketing Success Principle #3: Qualifications

What does it really take to qualify for commissions?  Many times people become promoters without fully understanding the importance of what it will take to get paid.  Does your company reward you for customers and distributors orders?  What do you have to do to get paid?  If you have to do anything more than have a personal order yourself…look for a new company.  Sure there are ways to get a ‘raise’ through rank advancement but we are referring to base commissions as a new distributor.

If you are not getting paid because your in a binary and one leg is building while the other is not, or the compensation plan only rewards ‘new’ volume then you may want to find a company that rewards their promoters for EVERY order regardless of any other circumstances.  This is more the affiliate model of marketing and companies founded by younger generations understand the importance of promoters getting paid for production.

If you are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship, network marketing is a wonderful opportunity.  Just be informed and treat it as seriously as you would a brink & mortar business.  Just because you do not have to invest 100’s of thousands to get started does not mean you should forgo taking a real look at all options available and weigh the odds.  Not all network marketing companies are created equal.

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Obviously, your desire to succeed is also a key factor but this articles informs prospective distributors of what to look for in a company in hopes that you are more informed & make the best decision for you.  What additional success principles are important to consider?



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