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Arbonne Positioning To Be Sold in Target Stores?

arbonneYou may find Arbonne products are all over eBay, but is it possible that Arbonne is going mainstream marketing and will be on Target store shelves soon?

I recently heard about the “Target Sustainability Study”. The study talks about Proctor and Gamble’s product line as it relates to the Target stores.

My eyebrow rose when I turned to page 7 of the study where Arbonne is listed as one of the “…new organic brands may be introduced. These brands include: Alba, Arbonne, Aubrey Organics…”.

Now, it’s just a study, but current Arbonne CEO, Kay Napier worked prior to her experience at McDonalds…(taken from the Arbonne web site:)

Kay is a retired Vice President of the Procter & Gamble Company, where she was head of the North American Pharmaceutical division and the Corporate Women’s Health & Vitality platform. During her tenure, her division became the largest company profit contributor for North America.

Network marketing is the one driving force for all of us to keep our money local, spending it on products produced by companies that care about our health, wealth & happiness.    So, yes this is just a study and so far a rumor but what do you think?  It would be devastating to the distributor force that has dedicated their lives to building an empire with Arbonne only to see it zapped by greedy corporate America.

Will Arbonne go mainstream marketing and be seen in Target soon? If so what will this do to your business?

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