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How would you like to have a bi-monthly call where you can call & ask a doctor free?

ask a doctor freeSISEL International is the leading nutracuetical manufacturing & wellness company with a 100% toxin free mission & now they lead the pack with a bi-weekly ask a doctor free call.  How much easier is it to get those you love and care about to take a product when a Doctor endorses it?

Introducing SISEL’s bi-monthly Ask A Doctor call.

The first & third Tuesday of every month you can call and listen to Dr. Harold Sirota answer specific questions regarding your health.  Dr. Sirota shares from his experience and research what nutrients found in nature have the ability to help you stay healthy, what ones have shown to reduce damage done by disease and more.

First Ask A Doctor Free Call

Listen to the first Ask A Doctor call now  [audio:|titles=Dr Sirota March 20]

to get a better idea of how informative these calls are!  Imagine a free ask a doctor call where you actually learn more about nutrition and prevention than disease!  SISEL International is all about helping people make more educated and informed decisions about their personal health.  This is why they bring yo, the customer and distributor alike this free bi-monthly call.  How much would it help to have a call like this to plug your contacts in to so that you don’t have to be the one with all the answers.  Your contacts can now simply call in and ask a doctor for free the same questions they are asking you!

Because of SISEL’s strict manufacturing standards they are attracting Western & Eastern medicine physicians from all over the world.  Dr. Sirota is one of many Drs. who recommend SISEL’s supplement and personal care lines to their patients.

These calls are powerful for the representative & the customer alike.  If you want to know which products a person with Chronic Fatigue should take….questions like this and many more are answered for free on this call.  Dr Sirota utilizes the science and clinical research readily available to share with us what nutrients, vitamins and minerals have been shown to help many different ailments.

To get the call schedule please contact Dani Walker

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