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20 successful years networking, building global brands & helping people share their message with the masses. I spend time writing about companies and products which I've reviewed and share my findings/opinions. Giving you a better vantage point to make your own decisions.

Peter Castleman Nutrient Foods Company Launch

peter castleman

There is no larger industry than the Food industry and this new launch could be the biggest in MLM history. Peter Castleman is making way for his new network marketing company to become “the biggest little food company in the world!” The name may be a mystery but here is what we at have been able to find out thus far…

My MYNT Review – Is It Really Mona Vie

network marketing tools

Last month my husband and I were honored to be flown in to look at MYNT International, a new MLM company (subsidiary) of Mona Vie that is still in pre-launch. Whether we join or not, anytime a company or leader pays to bring us in, wine and dine us and let us take a real look at what they have to offer, it’s an honor. We pretty much require this now because we’ve learned from experience that anyone can be anything online and by phone. Meeting the MYNT movers and shakers was