Customers For Life

Customers For Life Is The Goal

Enrolling is only half the battle.  Many people think that enrolling a new distributor or customer is the goal.  NO, NO, NO it is not.  Building a lasting relationship – a customer or distributor for life IS the goal.  Once they place an order the real “work” begins.

No Greater Reward Than A Customer For Life

Find 10 customers for life.  In any business the goal is to have REPEAT customers for life.  When we started our network marketing business we wanted to create true passive, residual income.  The kind you make when you are not working.  The only way any of us meet this goal is to promote effective, timely products.  If people do not like the products & see no value in purchasing them, then we are all wasting our time.  When they “feel” a difference in energy or fall in love with the health benefits then you are one more step towards freedom & they are very happy customers for life.

So what does it take to gain a customer for life?  You must find a need and fill it.  What solution do you have to their problem?  Is it the business opportunity your company offers or is it a product/service that can help?  Either way they are much more concerned about what’s in it for them.  The features and benefits not how cool you think it is or how much money YOU are going to make.  Be a great listener & give them the solution they are looking for, then follow up with them an show them you care.  Actions speak louder than words and will make a huge impression.

When a customer finds you be sure to do what you say you are going to do.  Answer their calls, fallow up to see how they are doing & offer as much support as you can to make sure they are satisfied.  Remember that having a customer for life is a real honor and reflection of who you are as well.  People buy from people they know, like & trust.

Red pill or blue pill,

Jack & Dani Walker

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