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The Power Of Fucoidan Limu U, F & G

sisel fucoydon

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With over 20 patents SISEL’s Fucoydon is sourced from Tongan Fucoidan Limu Mo’ui has 5-8 times more fucoidan than Okinawa, wakame & kombu.  Increasing effectiveness by an additional 4 to 7 times.  It includes all 3 types of fucoidan: U, F, and G.  SISEL is one of two companies authorized to harvest this highly effective source of fucoidan from Tonga Limu seaweed.

Over 900 studies from the U.S. National Institute of Health show that fucoidan intensely supports energy, immunity, and normal hormonal, glucose and circulatory functions throughout almost every system in the human body.

Sulphanated Fucoidan:

Clinical trials have shown that fucoidan molecules are not active in many areas unless they are sulphonated; in nature only one in seven fucoidan molecules are sulphonated. Without the sulphur atom many of the biological benefits are not possible. SISEL’s patent pending process ensures every molecule of FuCoyDon is sulphonated. This can only be completed in the liquid state.

Sisel has 20 patents pending that are used in a revolutionary process that extracts fucoidan limu from raw seaweed and converts it into the most bio-available and cost effective liquid fucoidan on the market. For more information about the many health benefits of Fucoydon click Fucoidan Limu

The best part about SISEL’s Fucoydon formulated using Fucoidan from Limu is the cost.  No need to spend over $100-400 a month for therapeutic fucoidan any more.  This radiation free form of Fucoidan is formulated int he USA, in a No-GMO, Organic certified, NSF & cGMP certified manufacturing facility using a patented process to create the most bio-available form of fucoidan at the best price.

Take: ½ to 1 oz per day    Cost $48 USD per 750ml bottle plus tax/shipping.  30 day supply

For more information about this amazing nutrient you can download this Fucoidan Limu Moui file.  To order as a preferred customer without any monthly purchase click here and go through the order process.  You will find fucoydon under the ‘age reversal’ section.

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    1. dani (Post author)

      Thank you. The Fucoydon product has been available to the US market for a little over 5 years and is gaining notoriety. There are many fucoidan formulas available but few have the therapeutic concentration free of heavy metal and radiation. Thanks again and we are working hard to spread the message about this amazing supplement.


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