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eco friendly products

#1 Green Companies & Their Eco Friendly Products

eco friendly productsWe all want to support green companies by purchasing eco friendly products that are as great for us as they are the environment but many of the companies that advertise “green & eco friendly” are just that…advertising.  Especially in the U.S.  The FDA does not regulate the personal care industry so of the 1200 chemical ingredients Europe had banned from the personal care products, the US personal care industry still uses 1488 of them!  These are proven endocrine disruptors, cancer causing agents, known to cause infertility etc etc.

We are slowly becoming conscious consumers & demanding to know what industries are really doing to our food, cosmetics, environment, etc.  Right now we can make the most impact in our own homes and it starts with our bathroom; the most toxic environment we enter into every day!  The lotions & potions we slather ourselves and our children with are riddled with heavy metals, anti freeze, engine degreaser, floor wax & break fluid.  Women are 5 times more toxic than men & our teen age girls now have 13+ hormone altering chemicals in their bodies, ALL found in personal care products.

So what do we need to do?  Buy Eco-friendly products from green companies.  It is that simple yet finding those green companies with REAL eco-friendly products is the challenge.  As marketing gets more and more clever, manufactures cut more corners and the personal care industry rakes in a fortune on our naivety there is one company that far exceeds the standard: SISEL International.

A Green Company Producing Eco Friendly Products

Yes, they are a network marketing company but they differ from the rest because they manufacture their own eco friendly products & are a green company.  SISEL’s manufacturing facility is called SupraNaturals & is Organically Certified. This is in addition to cGMP, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and Compliant with Green Manufacturing.   SISEL continues the Mower Mission by producing personal care, nutraceuticals & household products that are 100% free of potentially harmful ingredients.

Take back you life by purchasing from green companies like SISEL that care as much about your health as you do.  Build a business with people who are making a difference & impact the future today!


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