What Are Jason Domingo & David Brown From LifeVantage Up To?

Jason Domingo & David Brown Launch YEVO International

Jason Domingo

Renee & Jason Domingo with Dani Walker

Jason Domingo & David Brown, both formerly with LifeVantage and an integral part of the companies success, have partnered with Peter Castleman & YEVO International. Jason & David bring their expertise and long standing relationship to the YEVO executive team & field leadership.

David Brown was coined “our favorite” by the distributors with Life Vantage.  Since leaving the company, people in the industry have been waiting to hear what Jason & David’s next venture would be.

Jason Domingo is the master distributor of  Cryptocurrency Education and David Brown is the CEO.

January 2016 UPDATES:

  • Yevo International is no longer a network marketing company and changes their comp plan and strategy to more of an affiliate model.
  • Jason Domingo is no longer acting master distributor or a part of YEVO International.
  • David Brown is no longer CEO.  David has been given the title of VP of North America.

May 10, 2016 UPDATE: YEVO terminates Dani Walker & 4 other YEVO Distributors.

Jason Domingo, David Brown & Peter Castleman: It’s Time To Reveal

david brown yevoOn November 15th the company hosted an invite only pre-launch event which I, Dani, was honored to be able to attend and have since become presidential advisory member, YEVO founding member & Platinum 1.

As stated above, on May 10th I received a termination by email and have not had anyone at YEVO corporate contact or communicate with me since.  I knew my days were numbered when they terminated the largest leader in Korea in Feb., who I personally sponsored.  After a termination like this, the company sales plummeted and someone was going to have to take the blame.  Thus myself and 2 other leaders were terminated in May.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions and make the most informed decision, so feel free to contact me any time.

One thing is for certain, over my 17 months with YEVO the company continued to change their message, play, go to market strategy, products etc every 3 months.  They’ve fired and rehired staff a few times, can’t stick with a single decision for more than 30 days and are in the process of changing the entire “plan” including the comp plan, yet again and they only launched in Feb 2015.

I’m an open person who gives my side as objectively as possible.  If you are looking at promoting YEVO International I encourage you to contact me or at least do major due diligence before deciding.  The current play they have does not advocate any time invested & certainly will not pay enough to go full time for years to come.

Below is the old post I initially shared after becoming a distributor with YEVO.

There are so many updates to share and to keep up with YEVO developments, click Cryptocurrency Education to get the most up to date review or better yet, contact Dani Walker directly.  YEVO is in it’s infancy and she just attended the inaugural Leadership Summit at YEVO’s manufacturing facility in Reno NV where all field leaders and corporate met for a day long mastermind.

Meeting Jason Domingo & David Brown in person at the Reveal event solidified partnering with YEVO but having dinner with them and being part of the leaders advisory board over the past few months has completely solidified our commitment to perpetuating this mission to change 100 years of bad foods.

yevo international reviews

If you watched the above video here are the updated Top 10:

Jason Domingo is no longer master distributor of YEVO & David Brown is no longer CEO.  PLUS…

  • Jan 2016 YEVO in no longer network marketing.
  • Jan 2016 YEVO let’s go 11 corp employees and hires 12 new
  • Jan 2016 YEVO announces a completely different compensation plan which only pays 3 levels instead of 7 & has no infinity or bonus pool.
  • Jan 2016 YEVO changes go to market strategy and branding for 3rd time.
  • Jan 2016 YEVO moves corporate office from SLC to Reno
  • Feb 2016 YEVO terminates largest leader in South Korea
  • May 2016 YEVO terminates 3 largest USA leaders
  • June 2016 YEVO allows people to order on their main company site without having to be tied to a YEVO distributor.
  • July 2016 YEVO announces they are changing comp plan again
  • If you read these 9 and they aren’t ALL red flags then #10 does not matter.

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