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jeunesse reviews lawsuit

Jeunesse Reviews & Lawsuit

Jeunesse Reviews & Lawsuit: In full disclosure, my interest in researching Jeunesse Global stems from their acquisition of Mona Vie / MYNT.  Last year my husband and I were flown in to meet with MYNT executives and after hearing that they sold, I’m so happy we followed our instincts and did not partner.  You can read my review by clicking MYNT Review.

jeunesse reviews lawsuitI, Dani, always like to keep up on the industry and thought I would find out if all the rumors I’ve been told over the past year about Jeunesse were true.  This post is in response to what I found in my online research about the company specifically and not Jeunesse products or comp plan.  This is specific to company culture, longevity and practice.

I’ve had several Jeunesse distributors prospect me and tell me they are offering cash for leaders.  This is always a huge red flag for me.  Until now, I’ve never done anything more than listen and move on but today I took time to research Jeunesse online and here is what I found.

Jeunesse Reviews & News:

  • Matt Nestler, recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.  (Feb 2015) What makes this alarming to me is that the information shared about the suit itself completely substantiated everything I had been told about Jeunesse and their “growth” tactics.  Here is an excerpt from Kevin Thompson’s write up: Nestler vs. Jeunesse
    • “The facts are interesting. Nestler and Giguere both signed separate Business Development Agreements (“BDA”). The copy of Nestler’s agreement can be viewed here. BDAs are commonly used by Jeunesse to provide extra incentives for distributors to join their company. The terms of these deals are kept confidential, out of sight from the general public. They include various incentives, such as significant volume in the binary, additional cash on all CV generated in the pay-leg, “Top-Off” arrangements where networkers are guaranteed a certain sum of money each month (this was Nestler’s deal), cash advances, etc. With the assistance of their BDAs, Jeunesse can recognize numerous distributors as achieving rapid success when, in reality, the “success” was achieved with significant (and undisclosed) assistance. Based upon information and belief, Jeunesse, along with their distributors authorized to cut similar deals, have cut a number of these confidential deals with leaders all across the industry.”  Jeunesse reviews read more here

I am not naive to the fact that 100’s of companies give these “perks” as signing bonuses for so called large leaders to come to their companies.  Some really are leaders and others are milking the system, jumping from one company to the next and playing the industry like one would the stock market.  It’s one of the things I do not like yet can not change.  Company’s that do this are nothing more than a smoke screen (in my opinion).  Their numbers, sales, leaders, growth, etc. are temporarily propped up by secret contracts, agreements, and bribery that only last for so long.  You cannot buy true loyalty, it is only a matter of time before some “better deal” comes along.

I’m sure this post is going to get under some skin but this is my opinion and it’s been my experience.  Please note also that this is not about Matt Nestler, I am aware that many companies and distributors are in lawsuits.  This is not about the lawsuit for me, it’s about company practice, including wrongful termination; it’s about a company that is masking the truth to convince the masses that they are the best deal in town.  From the outside it looks great but under the hood it’s missing an engine.

Think about it for a moment before you leave a response.  If you found out that all the leaders of the company you represent were getting special deals, additional incentives, etc., how would this make you feel?  So much for a “level playing field” right?!?!

You work hard to expose, promote and make a commission in your business and whether or not you’re getting these same deals you CAN get to the top of your company (I did and eventually resigned from my previous company because of the lack of integrity within corporate).  I just feel that their should be full disclosure.  If a leader is guaranteed $20-50K a month for 12 months plus additional overrides, make it public.  If they are getting these perks it should be because they’re worth it.  Much like a football player gets a huge signing bonus based on their skills and abilities.  It’s ok to give incentives to those who’ve proven their ability to lead a sales force, build a global business and support the field; their servant leadership deserves it.


In my opinion a company that feels the need to buy their distributors, must not really have a lasting legacy.  In my opinion, their plan is to get in, make a lot of money and sell out, leaving a multitude of distributors on the line.  I’ve seen it too many times and many people have confirmed that Jeunesse is buying distributors, now it’s proven true.  In light of this information I found during my Jeunesse reviews research, I believe that Jeunesse has a “short term” vision and is not in it to make long term positive change.  If this is true it’s just a matter of time before most distributors will be looking for a new home.

  • On another note, I found several Jeunesse products on Amazon.  Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex for $30, Instantly Ageless for as little as $22 etc.  Now this is almost impossible to prevent as distributors buy large starter kits and then decide not to promote.  Left with product, they try to sell it online but most companies have policies against this and compliance usually prevents this from continuing but it looks to me like many top Amazon sellers have endless supply of Jeunesse products to offer at 1/2 the price most distributors are paying.

Most people take more time to figure out what’s for dinner then they do to research a business opportunity and that’s why they make pour decisions which adversely affect their income and their success.  I’m one of those people who has had to learn from this knee jerk reaction.

Do yourself a favor and take this industry seriously.  After all, it’s created more millionaires than any other industry.  80% of woman who make over $100K a year are network marketers and billionaires like Waren Buffett & Richard Branson own network marketing companies.

If you are researching Jeunesse or any other network marketing business, be sure to click How To Choose A Network Marketing Company and get my “must have” checklist.  The vehicle you choose and the people you partner with will dictate your financial success I guarantee it.

If you found this information beneficial, upsetting or feel that I was too harsh, I welcome a real conversation.  Feel free to share a constructive comment below.  If you have a passion for Jeunesse and feel it is the perfect company for you, RIGHT ON!  Go create your freedom and help plenty of others do the same.

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fortune favors the action taker,

Dani Walker

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