LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Or Bust

linkedin marketing strategy

linkedin marketing strategiesTwitter, Facebook Or LinkedIn Marketing Strategies?

business we desire?  Or are we just wasting time & money on over advertised, social media sites?

After all Facebook is the fastest growing social media site in the world right now.  It gets the most traffic, people spend an average of  45 minutes a day on it and the ability to advertise to niche markets is incredible…BUT should you be spending more time on linkedin marketing strategies?

Twitter is great for generating free traffic to your blog or affiliate offers but you have a very small window of opportunity to get a twitter “follower” to actually ecome a lead, client or business partner.   Most twitter members are no longer “active” after 30 days of becoming members…you better have some pretty excellent offers and tweet like mad.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Are We Missing The Boat?

linkedin marketing strategy

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Here is where we as Internet marketers and entrepreneurs need to spend our “marketing” time, making quality connections with pro-active people! Linkedin

Why use Linkedin Marketing Strategies, you ask.  Here’s your answers:

1. Linkedin is one of the top 25 visited site in the world

2. 82% of businesses are transferring to social media marketing is online

3. Linkedin is the next big giant… it is the #1 social networking site for business professionals & entrepreneurs looking to do more business.

4. Linkedin has doubled in size in past year with over 80 million users – right now gaining  1 new user every second

5. Here is the most important key to Linkedin – there is a substantially higher quality of membership and interaction!

6. Every exec from all of the fortune 500 companies are on Linkedin.

7. Linkedin has the highest average household income per user over every other social networking site.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies: Need I Say More?

There are many more marvelous reasons to start using Linkedin Marketing Strategies but really the bottom line is we can bypass the gatekeepers and go straight to the decision makers – making lasting connections, relationships & opportunities for growth!

After all we have ALL heard, look at what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite, right!  Linkedin is the most professional business atmosphere online, where we can truly create attraction marketing with motivated entrepreneurs!

See you on the beaches of the world,

Jack & Dani Walker

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