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global leverage teamWe just spent 2 days in Springville Utah touring the SISEL manufacturing facility with mlm leaders, oncologists &  international entrepreneurs.  I felt it important to share with you, exactly why Jack & I promote SISEL Products and the Mower Mission.  As many industry leaders join us we want those looking to understand how SISEL’s mission meets our passion.

Being MLM Leaders – People Vs. Profit

Within 90 days of taking two of SISEL’s liquid supplements my husband Jack started having “miraculous” results with his Sarcoidosis & we wanted to find out more about the company.  So, 2 years ago we drove 10 hours to meet a man by the name of Tom Mower.  My mission was to prove that Tom was no different than any other billionaire – (he cared more about profit than people & his company was all hype).  Even after these products did for Jack what 3 specialists, numerous prescriptions, 2 Md’s & a holistic Dr. couldn’t, I was still jaded & sick and tired of buying cheap products full of toxic ingredients even though the labels touted natural & organic.  I was even more disgusted with the network marketing industry and mlm leaders as well as owners hyping everything.

When we arrived I was extremely surprised to tour a 400,000 sq ft. manufacturing facilitywhere they actually made their own products and sit in a small conference room with a man who was willing to be honest about his past, his vision & his mission for the future.  As I grilled him for 3 hours about every dirty detail I dug up on google, I began to realize that I had finally found a company with a mission that matched our passion!  As MLM Leaders our hope for the industry had been re-kindled.

It was that ah ha moment in my life where I felt that I finally found the right vehicle to live a life of purpose and pass it on through health as well as true wealth; keeping honor and integrity in tact.   Here is a short excerp of an interview Tom Mower Sr. & I did to raise awareness about Toxins found in cosmetics – if you want to hear for yourself his passion.  mlm leaders

Anyway, we just got back from our tenth plus trip to corporate & are exstatic to have so many MLM Leaders  becoming Mower Mission Partners as well a leading Dr.s from the medical feild taking notice of SISEL International.  Thank you for joining us in spreading the message, even if you are not a customer or distributor with SISEL International.  You see the mission to educate people across the planet about debt, toxins, health, prevention & nutrition is a mission we all share. 

tom mower

Mentored By A Billionaire!

MLM Leaders are like minded in this effort and many are joining forces with SISEL.  As many companies crumble SISEL is built to weather the worst and conquer the best!  Even if you know this industry you don’t know this company.  Come see for yourself if everything I’ve said is true.  For a limitted number of MLM Leaders we will pay to fly you in to corporate, tour the facility and meet the owners – no strings attached.  Take the time to make an educated decision after all a closed mind will be the most expensive thing you will ever own.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens will change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever does.” Margaret Mead

To your success,

Jack & Dani Walker

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20 successful years networking, building global brands & helping people share their message with the masses. I spend time writing about companies and products which I've reviewed and share my findings/opinions. Giving you a better vantage point to make your own decisions.


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