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Psychologically Unemployable MLM Leaders

mlm leadersMost MLM Leaders are psychologically unemployable making the MLM industry very appealing for those with this tenacious and unique trait.  We have all heard that line before, “BUILD A LEGACY FOR YOUR FAMILY” but what’s the reality of doing that with most network marketing companies right now? Reading up on the statistics in the industry can be discouraging as so called “stable” companies are closing doors left and right.  Leaving true MLM Leaders scrambling to find a real home.

Are you looking for “THE ONE”, you know the company that will actually be around 10, 20, even 50 years from now?  MLM Leaders know the truth but you might not want to hear it; building a legacy in most MLM’s  is risky at best and in our current economy very few are experiencing true momentum. The TIME is NOW!

I too am psychologically unemployable and became an MLM Leader in a company that over promised & under delivered three years ago, only to have the business change product formulas and compensation plans.  As I watched my team dwindle, lost friendships and was forced to reconsider the entire industry, I realized it was the company, not me nor the industry that failed.  MLM Leaders are leaders no matter the circumstance, we rise above & make the best of every situation.

MLM Leaders Add Honor To The Network Marketing Industry

So maybe you are like me & are currently searching for a real company to sink your tenacious teeth into, helping your team achieve long term, massive success.

There is a company that will be around for the long haul, that manufactures their own products & pays higher than the industry standard.  This company is debt free, U.S. based and can never be publicly traded. You see, two years ago I went on a hunt to find the most efficacious natural medicine products out there (this was completely selfish as I had a life threatening autoimmune disease), with the most reliable corporate support & massive international expansion.  Of all the network marketing companies out there, SISEL International is the one!

Enter the giant; never has it been done like this before. Sisel didn’t just start out of a garage or someone’s living room. Sisel started off massive, with a 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility, over 100,000 million dollars invested and not only does Sisel manufacture it’s own products, they manufacture for Costco, Wal-Mart and 40 other network marketing companies. So why does all this matter to MLM Leaders like you and me?

As a leader who knows the industry, you know full well that longevity is the key to massive passive income. Who cares about a quick buck, here today gone tomorrow business! This is where doing a little research benefited me & could strongly benefit you and your team. Do what most MLM Leaders do & don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself!

Calling All MLM Leaderssisel

If you have built or are currently building an MLM we, Jack & Dani Walker, would like you to see what we saw two years ago.  No hype just facts from a company that cares about prospering people & efficacious products, more than profits.  If you are ready to build a massive business with one of the greatest opportunity’s the MLM industry has to offer, contact us & we will personally introduce you to MLM Leaders, Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr., owners of SISEL International in Springville Utah.

Remember opportunity is a gentleman, it will only knock, it won’t force its way in. So like always the choice is yours, make the right one for your teams future.

Red Pill or Blue Pill

CHEERS to all MLM Leaders!!!

Jack & Dani Walker


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