7 MLM Success Secrets You Must Know

mlm success secrets

7 MLM Success Secrets:

MLM Success SecretsWhen researching what network marketing company is right for you there are a few MLM success secrets you want to consider.  Actually there are many but we are just going to cover 7.

1. Is the company debt free? Now this is especially important in our current economic environment. Who wants to go to work building a down-line and achieve that finacial freedom only to have the company over leveraged and out of business on Monday?  No wonder so many heart attacks happen on Monday.

2. Does the company offer products that you can get behind with your reputation still in tact? Do the products or service work, do people need them? Passion is everything in network marketing!!

MLM Success Secrets #3.  Is the company poised on the edge of the next multi-trillion dollar industry?  Its one thing to sell the next coolest gadget on the market, but will it be outdated by the time it gets to your door?

4. Transfer buying power. Most of you know what this is, but for those who don’t, transfer buying power is simply replacing something that people already buy on a regular basis with something they can now buy from their own business, creating long term stability.

5. One of Mark Yarnell’s  MLM success secrets is to look for a company with multiple products, this expands your market & ensures longevity. There is only one company to ever last more than five years with just one product.  This is from his book “Your first year in network marketing” – I highly suggest anyone in the industry read it.

6.This could be the most important thing…LEADERSHIP. Do you have the support of your upline and do they have the support of the company leadership?  Does your team have a duplicatable system with international opportunity for expansion.

7. Does the company you are looking at manufacture their own products ,there by eliminating more of the middle men costs and paying more money back to the field?

Increase Your Results With These MLM Success Secrets

My thoughts on this…do your due diligence. So, there are many MLM success secrets but for my wife & I “Don’t fall for the hype!” was one we learned the hard way, after building a business that got shut down by the FTC.   Knowing from experience that there was a ton of hype in this industry, we wanted to see the facility, meet the owners, and know that we could personally get behind the mission with our integrity in tact. We needed to know that the products were backed by science, and not just another romantic story? Was it a true ground floor opportunity with long term stability?

So we went to the facility, we met Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr. and learned about their mission to only produce and market safe effective and toxin free products. This is why we decided to make Sisel our home in the network marketing industry two years ago and haven’t looked back.  A company like this only comes along once every 20-30 years. So whether you are new to the industry, or a veteran looking for the last company you will ever have to build, look no further. We hope you will do your home work and join us on this incredible adventure.

MLM Success Secret #8 – Unplug from the matrix

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