My MYNT Review – Is It Really Mona Vie

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UPDATE: Mona Vie / MYNT just sold to Jeunesse in 2015.  This news makes me very happy that we chose not to partner with MYNT.  It may excite you but for those who’ve been through company buyouts and transitions, it can devastate a team.

MYNT Review: Is It Mona Vie?

UPDATE: June 2015 – Since MonaVie/MYNT was recently purchased by Jeunesse this review becomes even more imperative to read.  If you’ve ever been through an entire company take over…you understand the ramifications.

Last month (June 2014) my husband and I were flown in to look at MYNT International, a new MLM company (subsidiary) of Mona Vie that is still in pre-launch.  Whether we join or not, anytime a company or leader pays to bring us in, wine and dine us and let us take a real look at what they have to offer, it’s an honor.  We’ve learned from experience that anyone can be anything online and by phone so meeting the corporate staff in person should be on your list of priorities when doing your due diligence.  I hope this MYNT review helps you make the best decision for you!

So here’s my MYNT review:

by Dani Walker

1. MYNT products:  They have non-gmo, pure protein shakes in vanilla and chocolate, personalized sachets that can be added to the shakes so you can get you own desired results and 2 energy drinks.yevo international

  • The product pass my test on natural ingredients that will actually help your body instead of toxify it.  I liked the taste of the Acerola drink – not fond of the name but the flavor is good.  The citrus zero will be great for the fitness, carb and calorie counting enthusiasts but lacks in flavor.  MYNT has a mission to create competitively priced healthy products in the health and wellness niche and so far they’ve done a good job.
  • Sure there are tons of protein shake companies and MYNT is one of them which was a concern for me, as I like to limit competition if possible.
  • MYNT product pricing:  The price points are decent and they have a nice customer incentive program which helps everyone get free product.
  • So my MYNT review on products score is a 6 – on a scale of 1-10.  There are many more reasons why I rate it a 6 but in keeping this MYNY review short, I’ll leave it at that.  I will say that the longevity of their product consumption is a concern for me.

2. MYNT Compensation Plan:  MYNT compensation plan is a binary/unilevel exactly the same as Mona Vie comp plan.  They have made a few tweaks that will help the beginner make some money but their starter kits are $500 & $1000 (They told us they were changing them to $299 & $600 but it has not happened as of this MYNT review.)  First of all I am one of those network marketers that is not, nor will I ever be fond of binaries.  I feel they are great for the big leader who brings 100’s -1000’s of people to the table and also excellent for the company.  Since the average number of people a rep will recruit is 2.7, the binary is never going to pay the masses more than a few pennies.

  • Now they do have the unilevel as well and what they have done with the MYNT compensation plan is to make the upfront money on the unilevel, the middle money on the binary and the back-end money on the unilevel.
  • There plan revolves around every distributor bringing in a team of 4 who all start with a starter pack.  If they are not going to start with a starter pack and bring in 4 people within 28 days…they should just be customers.  The fast start bonuses are doubled for your first 28 days in the business and you make weekly commissions.  The backend binary and unilevel compensation I had a VERY difficult time understanding.  We spent 2 days at corporate with top leaders who themselves could not give me the numbers (never a good sign).  Since I’m a numbers person and after 20 years in the industry I demand to know the facts before making any decision…I was a bit turned off by their lack of understanding when they themselves said they created the new, improved comp plan.
  • Another point that struck me was that MYNT was supposedly trying to completely differentiate itself from Mona Vie yet Mona Vie offered the same products and same compensation plan?  The boxes and “MYNT” branded products even said Mona Vie on them.

3. MYNT Leadership:  The leadership at MYNT seems impeccable.  The company is a new start up with what was once a billion dollar brand (Mona Vie).  From the outside looking in it seems that Mona Vie brings experience, international expansion and plenty of financial backing which will give MYNT more than one up on any other start up company.  But in the past few months they’ve had so many changes within the corporate staff, board members etc that it leads me to think things are not quite as stable as they want us to believe.

  • We had the pleasure of meeting Mona Vie  CEO Mauricio Bellora who has quite a reputable track record in the industry with Mary Kay and Nutura.  He overseas the MYNT brand and confirmed that MYNT is Mona Vie’s main focus.
  • With Brandon Carter, Rob Sperry and Lance Conrad at the helm of MYNT they bring field experience and leadership for anyone who desires success with MYNT but the company Mona Vie did just sell to Jeunesse reviews (March 2015 update).
  • Why?  I’ve been through upheaval like this within a company and all the changes can be devastating to a teams momentum.  How this transition will effect the comp plan, products, distributors, etc remains to be seen but as a leader in the industry, I thank my lucky stars that my intuition was spot on and we did not launch our business with MYNT last year.

Final MYNT Review Thoughts

We came, we saw,  we did not launch (join) MYNT.  Why? You may ask…

Here’s my list of thoughts and considerations:

  1. I ordered product and their site works.  It’s easy to navigate and simple to order but the products still have the Mona Vie logo and brand on them.  Why would a company that is supposedly trying to set itself apart from Mona Vie have the Mona Vie brand on it?  This just causes confusion for the new customer who ordered MYNT products, to get them and see Mona Vie?!?
  2. The leadership was not able to walk me step by step through the compensation plan.  They gave us a great “launch strategy” to leverage the comp plan and initial growth but I wanted the front, middle and end facts.  After all, I’m building a legacy not a get in make a million get out, kind of sham.
  3. They shared their idea and mission for what they call the “MoveMYNT” and even though I loved it.  MoveMYNTS are ways that distributors give back and do fun things to help their community (simply put).  I did not see where this was a ‘company’ mission more than is was a distributor action.  To my knowledge the company did not fund or give to these ‘movemynts’ they just leveraged the publicity off of distributors charitable efforts.  This did not set well with me at all.
  4. MYNT compensation plan was probably my biggest hurdle and for those who want to build a business where the average distributor can at least make enough to pay for product…this will not be the best option.  I just left feeling like they say they are for the majority but build a compensation plan that is for the minority.
  5. Mona Vie – sorry, I know it was the fastest company to a billion and that is more than impressive but they also left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth and I never personally thought the product was that fantastic.  Yes the financial backing is seems to be stable but the stigma you will have to overcome will not be a fun hurdle to jump over.

So there you have it.  Please keep in mind that this is my personal MYNT review after visiting corporate and meeting the staff, first hand.  I am sharing as objectively as possible and always invite any readers to contact us for more questions etc.

MYNT Review Rating:  My overall rating for the MYNT opportunity is 5 on a scale of 1-10.  As the company grows that number will get lower because I believe this is really a compensation plan built for those who get in early and run like maniacs.

If people can not make enough to pay for products/services…they will not continue to purchase them. Play Fire Fan 

If you are in fact with MYNT or MonaVie, I’d love to hear how the transition to Jeunesse is going for you and your team!

As always,

red pill or blue pill

Dani Walker


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