Network Marketing Opportunities For Women & Men

Network Marketing Provides Opportunities For Women

Opportunities for womenWe have all heard that 80% of people in network marketing are women.  Women are drawn to network marketing opportunities because they provide extra income, some fun, socializing, growth & most of all because we LOVE to help people!  But who is your mentor in this new and exciting enterprise?  Who is leading by example and guiding you & your team to success?

Over the past 2 1/2 years in this industry Jack & I have had great success for 2 reasons:

1.  We partnered with the right company.

2.  We have a mentor. Someone who has been there & done it & leads us WITHOUT charging for it.  (We have all fallen for the $97-$297 training course)

We work directly with industry leader Dan Kinnison who has personally helped 37 people become millionaires in the industry.

As we all know there is a huge learning curve in this business but if you have the mentor you will obtain the success you desire…that is “if” you implement your plan.

Women In Network Marketing Opportunities

Together with Dan & I are taking 20 leaders/upcoming leaders right now and personally helping them build success with a debt free company that owns the largest manufacturing facility in the USA & is only 5 years old.  Our goal is to create a team of 20 new millionaires in the next few years (Dan already personally helped 37) and he does 3 way calls & daily training calls with all my leaders every day.

Now I don’t want to count the men out but I am so excited to be a part of helping women build their business & their dream.   It is an honor to work with such enterprising men & women all over the world.
To all you women network marketers out there…who is your mentor?  I look forward to hearing from those looking for a mentor: someone who trains you, coaches, guides & takes your team from point A to point B WITHOUT charging…yes for FREE.

If you want to hear Dan speak on a conference call tomorrow just dial in at 11 am EST   209-647-1600 939469# and listen in or connect with me and I can put you in direct contact with him.

Networking & Marketing ~ You will find both opportunities in Portland OR on March 17th ~ This is a free training seminar for anyone looking to learn how to create 37 millionaires in their business.  Click Network Marketing Opportunities For Women & Men
“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”  Benjamin Franklin

Hope you’re having a wonderful week,

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