Dare TO Be A Network Marketing Pro

network marketing professionals

Dare To Become A Network Marketing Pro

network marketing professionals

We ALL Make Them

Many of us in the MLM industry fallow Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro (as we all should) and have gained many pearls of wisdom as to how to build this business successfully and professionally.  If you are not currently taking 5-10 minutes every day to watch his short yet powerful videos click Network Marketing Pro and go subscribe now.  Eric is a real man with a mission to mentor the novice into true professionals and change the future for millions.  Oh, and it is FREE!

Tips To Becoming A Network Marketing Pro

Becoming a professional in any career takes…commitment yet we jump into this industry and think we need to be the “pro” with all the answers from day one.  Every question anyone asks, we MUST have the answer to.  Why?  You just started a new business, in a new industry, with a new product, marketing, comp plan etc.  How well would you perform brain surgery after one day of anatomy class?

So commit to your self this:  I will become a network marketing pro by first becoming a student.

1.  Study – I mean become a student first, let your upline lead with 3 way calls, one on ones, webinars etc.  All you have to do is set up the time and make the proper introduction (which your upline will teach you how to do if they really want to help you succeed).  If you don’t have an upline – don’t quit (we don’t have an upline either) subscribe to Network Marketing Pro & learn from a real pro!

2. Listen – remember we all have 2 ears and 1 mouth so listen and ask good questions:  maybe you have heard the acronym F.O.R.M

Family – ask them how their family is doing?

Occupation – How’s work?

Recreation – Gone on any vacations lately?  How are you enjoying that race car you bought last year?

Message –  Tailor your message depending on the answers given (you have found a need, now fill it with a message)

3. Have patience: don’t fire-hose, don’t take it personal & don’t quit!  We all make mistakes so instead of giving up, learn from them and try again.

Do your best to fallow #2 FOR and let the M happen.  Many of us feel like we have to give the message right then and there but what if you had this great conversation with your friend & reconnected by showing true interest in them, then 2 or 3 days later you called and said “the other day when we were talking you said something about…your hours getting cut back at your job,  wanting to lose 10 lbs, needing to buy a new car…(whatever the “Need” was) I think I may have a way for your to replace that lost income, lose 10 lbs, get that car.

How much more interesting and powerful would it be to that friend then???  This is how the Network Marketing Pro does it.  They become interested rather than interesting and take a true interest in helping others achieve their goals.

4. Edify – Always, always, always, edify everyone and everything.  Keep it positive and people will much more curious.  Edify your upline or whom ever you are introducing them to.  Edify the product and how many people have had success etc.  Tell stories about the product and people, then set the appointment.  That’s all, just set the time and place for them to get ALL the information from someone other than YOU!

I know this does not seem that difficult but it is a real skill set that anyone who wants to become a network marketing pro WILL master.  How do we master this skill?  Practice, just take the step, make the call, invite, promote & expose your opportunity, product and/or service.

Oh, yeah and go check out Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre – most of this info came from him over the last few years and I am just passing it on to you.

To your Network Marketing Success,

Jack & Dani Walker




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