Network Marketing Success Online

Network Marketing Success Online

Network Marketing Success Online & Off:

Network Marketing Success OnlineWhen Jack & I committed to building our network marketing business we were in for a surprise!  If you have been around the business for a while you have heard that success depends on personal growth.  Becoming a Network Marketing Success story will take tons of personal growth.  Your skill sets will change as well as your mindset.

We have gone from strictly traditional offline marketing to a combination of both.  Starting this blog is just half the battle…keeping it up, adding good content & not getting overwhelmed is the other half.  Many “bloggers” want you to think they are master, ninja Guru’s with all the answers… I will tell you that the only difference is they took action.  Taking action is a key to network marketing success online & off.

5 Tips For Network Marketing Success Online:

1.  Take Action:  When we first started our online marketing we started by writing and submitting articles to directories like ezine, goarticles etc.  This is a simple yet effective way to begin your network marketing success online.

2.  Join forums like or and make posts, meet like minded people & get your opportunity out there.  By adding good content to these sites, you will create a fallowing & become a respected expert.

3.  Start a Facebook Fan Page:  Fan pages are like mini blogs and facebook is a household name.  Over 500,000,000 million members strong and growing.  This is a great way to offer support for you team, generate some free leads and build online relationships that could lead to business ventures together.

4. LinkedIn:  Join LinkedIn – DO NOT IGNORE this tip.  Linkedin is the next big giant… it is the #1 social networking site for business professionals & entrepreneurs looking to do more business.  Networking Online!

5. Start a Blog: I leave this suggestion last ONLY for those who can handle the learning curve by staying productive with your current network marketing business as well as blogging.  No matter what all the “online marketers” tell you, blogging will not create overnight success.  If will however create leads, skills, talents, some frustration & network marketing success online.

Network Marketing Success Online –  #1 tip is take action – step toward success in your business.

Today’s economy is prime for those who take massive action now – don’t listen to the main stream – do what few are doing and create massive network marketing success online & off.

Red Pill or Blue Pill,

Jack & Dani Walker

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20 successful years networking, building global brands & helping people share their message with the masses. I spend time writing about companies and products which I've reviewed and share my findings/opinions. Giving you a better vantage point to make your own decisions.

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