Network Marketing Success In 2011

Create Network Marketing Success In 2011

Creating Network Marketing Success is always the goal, right.  Point B is true FREEDOM!  If the information shared in this video does not strike you to the very core… then consider yourself blessed.

People are searching for an exit strategy & SISEL International provides the perfect vehicle for massive network marketing success in both of the world’s fastest growing industries: the network marketing industry & the wellness industry!

Network Marketing Success: Set apart from the competition?

1. SISEL Manufactures all of their own products in their own  400,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility with 15 full time R&D chemists, all focused on research & efficacy…  99% of network marketing companies outsource their manufacturing (private label).

2.  SISEL has a 100% toxin free mission, avoiding all potentially harmful ingredients, to “green” up your home as well as the environment.

3.  TIMING – SISEL just launched in the U.S. less than 2 years ago, is all ready in 17 countries & ranked #1 in Japan & Europe.  This is mainly due to Tom Mower having 25+ years of in network marketing experience.

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”  Robert Kiyosaki

4.  SISEL is debt free & privately owned; no shareholders causing the company to care more about profits than people another key to find for network marketing success.  No cutting out active & expensive ingredients to “make shareholders profit”… and last, but definitely NOT least…

5.  If you don’t believe it, come see for yourself. Anyone can come tour the facility. This is unheard of in the industry; sure companies “show off” corporate headquarters & “tell” everyone they make their product or products but where & if so why don’t they show it off!  This is HUGE!

Network Marketing Success Equals Freedom & Finances

5-Star Global Compensation Plannetwork marketing success
This compensation plan offers multiple, generous profit centers from which Sisel Distributors can earn high-paying commissions:

1.Fast Start Bonus – 50% bonus on first orders
2.Direct Distributor Bonus- distributor order bonus
3.Master Distributor Bonus- distributor group bonus
4.Builder’s Bonus – Infinity bonus
5.Lifestyle Bonus – car bonus

This compensation plan has several notable features that set us apart from others in the industry:

•Global-seamless compensation enables international integration.

•Master Distributors remain in your downline providing multiple income streams.

•Lifestyle Bonus helps you advertise your success by driving the car of your dreams.

•Preferred Customer Reward Program creates genuine loyalty.

•Truly hybrid plan provides the most exciting income opportunity on the planet.  Incorporating Dynamic Compression to ensure you never miss out on any bonuses.

If distributors can’t make money then who cares about any of these other benefits.  For Network Marketing Success you & your team must make money!  With SISEL’s Global Hybrid Compensation Plan there are multiple ways to capitalize on sales and building an international team.  First of all, no matter where you live, you can sign anyone up – no paperwork, no hassle – and get paid.  The comp plan utilizes two plans in one with a personal commission as well as a group commission paid on generations of groups with infinity bonuses.  Click here to get the complete SISEL Compensation Plan

Few companies have the vision & even fewer the finances to invest in their very own manufacturing.  SISEL is proof that Tom Mower, has both the vision & the ability to make it happen.

Make not mistake, there is no other network marketing company like this, there NEVER has been & NOW is the time to take massive action.

To Becoming The Next Network Marketing Success In 2011!

Jack @ 541-263-0314

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