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SISEL Global Leverage Team

Network Marketing Team Dynamics

SISEL Global Leverage Team

Team Leaders

Network marketing team of leaders:  I am always elated to spend time with these business partners & friends.  We have so much fun together, share the same vision & mission but live all over the world and even though we may talk every day it is not the same.  Spending time with these network marketing leaders is such an inspiration.

These are the qualities that have lifted us up through the worst of times & have us celebrating the best of times- TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Network Marketing With Leadership

1.  Humble – we know our strengths as well as weaknesses; each of us utilize each others strengths and weaknesses making the team stronger.

2.  Honest – We may not agree on everything…but we never lie, we communicate well & respect each others point of view.

3.  People-oriented – There is no I in team and the relationships are what will save a team from splitting up, tearing each other down, switching companies &/or quitting.  This business can be viscous and if anyone tells you it is easy, I want to meet them.  Anyone who has become successful in network marketing had a team of supporters surrounding them and cheering them on.

4.  Decision makers – We are not afraid to take risks. As I looked around the room on Tuesday I saw a group of people who are courageous in what they stand for and make decisions based on their values.  Our mission makes us unstoppable!

5.  Follow and Lead – This is really important.  As we are all “chiefs” we are also willing and able to cooperate and contribute as a team giving up the lead; but each of us are willing and able to step into leadership when the opportunity presents itself

7.   Visionaries – A team of real people that promote a higher cause & vision; As we recorded a video together,each individual shared their stories of triumph showing great tenacity, persistence and vision.

8.  Problem solvers – After 4 years of working together we have become very resourceful in seeking out solutions, putting out fires and working together to create systems and support for our teams.

9.  Optimistic – We expect success, spread this enthusiasm through out our team & have FUN together!!!

So there you have it.  We are having fun, building success & creating our future!!! Prosperity is in the now with this powerful network marketing team. If you are looking for a place to call home with a company and a group of people who say what they are and are what they say, reach out and introduce yourself.

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