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Peter Castleman; Founder OF YEVO

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Peter Castleman with Dani Walker @ Ignite: May 2015

You are here to research Peter Castleman and get more familiar with his prodigy, YEVO International.  I, Dani, fell in love with the YEVO mission in OCt 2014, long before it was a real company.  The idea of a small group of committed people taking on BIG FOOD & providing all 43 essential nutrients in every serving was a slam dunk to me but unfortunately all the time energy and effort put into reaching the top ranks and building with an amazing team has ended with my Termination on May 10, 2016.

The experience has been enlightening and certainly a character building opportunity to rise above and move on or become angry and say F You!  I’ve felt both but choose to take this as fuel for my fire to continue empowering networkers to brank themselves and NOT their network marketing company.

You company may change, get shut down, terminate you, you may resign, you may build multiple companies…for all of these reasons and so many more, it’s imperative that you brand YOU.  People follow people not products.  Sure some team members will continue to order YEVO products but the majority of the team is no longer putting their, time, energy, hopes and dreams into this mission.  The trust has been lost and once lost, it’s nearly impossible to regain.

But instead of deleting this entire post from 2 years ago, I’ve decided to keep it in its original form so you can experience my belief, passion and work ethic and get a good view of what YEVO was.

P.S. Since this post was published the compensation plan has changed, the corporate team has changed, the go to market strategy has changed and YEVO is no longer a network marketing company.

So I’m sure you are wondering “Why even continue reading?” I know I would be. You may glean something helpful from this info below.  Totally your choice to read or not to read but I will say that if you are curious about the current events and why YEVO made so many major changes as of January 2016, you can always give me a ring or fill out the contact form to have a real conversation.

live your blissness,


In November 2014 I met the man who made this dream a reality.  I’ve had the honor of eating dinner with Peter, partnering with him in this mission and becoming friends with him as well.  May this ‘Peter Castleman‘ write up be beneficial to you.  As a presidential advisory member, YEVO founding member and network marketing professional, I encourage you to reach out with any questions so you can make the most informed decision. Feel free to contact me any time.

P.S. For those who don’t like to read long posts…be sure to scroll to the bottom and watch “10 Things You Don’t Know About YEVO”

YEVO International launched Feb 2015.

Peter Castleman, billionaire Harvard economist, launched YEVO International in 2015 and we are spear heading the way for his social marketing company to become “the largest little food company in the world!”

As entrepreneurs we always keep our eyes out for something unique.  In the past 16 months Jack & I, have been flown in to 6 companies and approached by more than 30 but none had all of what we consider to be the perfect recipe for success.  When YEVO International came across our path…we were more than curious and now know that YEVO has products that simplify and improve people’s lives.

Peter Castleman has a huge vision and mission to change 100 years of bad foods with YEVO International.  I, Dani, was invited to attend the private reveal event on Nov 15th and had the opportunity to visit with Peter and his team of experienced corporate leaders.  I’ve learned over the years that I must meet the corporate team in person before taking another step and when I do, I must follow my gut.  I think you will enjoy hearing from Peter Castleman himself in the video below.

Recorded Live @ Ignite With Peter Castleman:

No one can tell the YEVO story better than the man who’s been dreaming about this for 30+ years.  If you have any questions about YEVO, please continue to read more information below.  As a presidential advisory member, YEVO founding member and network marketing professional, I encourage you to reach out with any questions and make the most informed decision.  It’s important, so take the time and reach out.

YEVO International Executive Team:

1.  Executive Team:  The corporate team is well seasoned.

Peter Castleman, Chairman

David Brown, President (LifeVantage)

Gene Tipps, COO (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage)

2.  Launch: Currently in pre-Prelaunch (upon time this was posted)

November 15, 2014 – Invite Only Reveal Event

February 1, 2015 Launch (U.S.)

Japan and Mexico open June 15, 2015

South Korea open September 2015

3.  Product: Nutrient Rich Foods from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and drinks which provide all 43 essential nutrients per serving. No GMO!

At the REVEAL we tasted the entire breakfast line as well as many additional YEVO foods and as a “foodie” & former restauranteur I was more than impressed with how the food tasted, the texture and most of all how little I ate, yet was full for hours!

Peter Castleman former successes came from mergers and acquisitions. YEVO is his own start up, as a food company that manufactures it’s own whole food meals complete with 43 essential nutrients.

The supplement industry is around $18 billion and the food industry is $4.3 trillion.  People are looking for simple, healthy meals and YEVO provides the solution.

peter castleman companiesIt is also important to point out that Peter Castleman has 30+ years of success in building multi-billion dollar global brands.  He’s been here before and knows exactly what it takes to make YEVO his 12th and most successful company in his lifetime.

You might say that Peter Castleman has the so-called Midas touch when it comes to knowing what it takes to build a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company and time will tell as YEVO develops.

Peter started importing Chinese herbs and grew a company to 50M/year and sold to NuSkin–this became Pharmanex which NuSkin grew to almost 1 Billion/year. Peter was quite impressed with the power of network marketing.  So four years after the founder of Herbalife passed away and the company was in a mess, Peter encouraged his 39 partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife.
 They only agreed with the hedge of another Equity partner named Golden Gate. They bought Herbalife when it was a 700-800 Million dollar a year company and within five years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to more than a three Billion dollar a year company.

Peter Castleman Chip MarslandWith a passion for health and concern for the well being of humanity, Peter’s dream over the last 25 years has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission like YEVO.  Peter met with world-renowned Scientist and Product Formulator, Chip Marsland, about four and half years ago to start making his powerful vision to change the world one meal at a time a reality.  Destined for unprecedented global greatness in the $4.3 Trillion Food Industry, Yevo International is now open in USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

The following is an audio clip with Peter Castleman from Yevo’s inaugural launch call with the corporate team on February 2nd:

Peter has brought a Scientific Advisory Board together which includes top Harvard, Yale and UC Davis Nutritional Professors, top Chefs and renounced Formulators, including Chip Marsland, who formulated for Barry Sears of the Zone Diet. He and Chip partnered over 4 years ago and together they have developed over 100 common foods we enjoy often……with the added foundational quality of  providing 100% of the 43 Essential Nutrients our bodies need every day…including our Macro nutrients, omegas, fiber and protein.

YEVO Compensation Plan Highlights:  

This compensation mimics the best of the best affiliate models.  Making is a simple referral/consumption based model for any person to build and earn.

3 Level Plan: 20%,10%, 5%

Double fast start bonus for 1st 30 days: 0%, 20%, 10%

Contact us and we’d be happy to go over intricacies of plan.

The Product Solution

  • Addresses the core problem of health issues today— lack of Essential Nutrients!
  • Each meal contains all 43 Essential Nutrients including fiber, omegas & protein
  •  Nobody has done it before!
  •  Plus vitamin coffee and vitamin tea.

Bottom line…Food is meant to nourish our bodies.  This product has endless potential.  Busy Mom’s with a passion for keeping their family healthy, will love having a simple yet nutritious option.

Survivalists, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, college students, hunters, any country going through some form of natural disaster and the list goes on and on.  Japanese literally attribute “Cup Of Noodles” to saving millions of lives after the Tsunami.  These products will offer real, whole food nutrition with fiber, macro and micro nutrients and they taste delicious.


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