Portland Oregon Free Network Marketing Training

Free Network Marketing Training In Portland Oregon

This free network marketing training is open to leaders in the Pacific NW.  The event will give you the opportunity to hone your networking skills, boost exposure, increase your contacts & referrals.

All business leaders, entrepreneurs, and opportunity seekers looking to connect & grow their business are invited to attend.  Hosted by SISEL (Sizzle) a billion dollar brand, debt free, privately held, philanthropic, largest global green manufacturing company in the USA.

Meet 2 Millionaire mentors who will teach the 6 skills necessary to boost sales, increase business and capitalize on opportunities in today’s economy no matter what company you represent.

Aaron Rennert, Sisel Vice President of Worldwide Sales/Chief Performance Officer

Aaron wants you to power up your business so it pays you more and helps you achieve all your financial goals! He draws on his vast expertise in sales and marketing to mentor and motivate you. He has a plan outlined for your success, and he is a funny, charming, and electrifying speaker. BE THERE for this spectacular event!

Dan Kinnison, Sisel Master Brand Partner

Dan has personally helped 37 people become millionaires and created over two billion dollars in home-based business. He’s featured every Monday through Saturday on our “Wake Up with Sisel” calls. A dynamic and motivating speaker, he’s ready to help you turn your dreams into reality. This is an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the best in the business!



Network marketing training:

1.  How to effectively use the telephone to build your business.

2.  Get your story down cold to deliver it hot.

3.  The power of the 3-way call to create a duplicatalbe system for all new team members.

4.  How to triple your income doing what you are currently doing no matter the industry.

5.  How to save $2-5K a year on your taxes with your home based business.

6.  How to become a promoting maniac & pack corporate events with teams to explode your business.

Portland Oregon Network Marketing Training


Saturday, March 17th 2012 ~ 9am to Noon

Monarch Hotel & Conference Center

12566 SE 93rd Avenue
Clackamas, OR 97015

RSVP: Dani Walker



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