Real Unemployment Rate

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Ever Wonder: What is Credit?  What is the Real Unemployment Rate?

The Real Unemployment Rate: Economic Implosion

The U.S. government wants us to believe that the real unemployment rate is only at 9.1% (which is extremely high) but the reality is, it’s at 22%.  See chart below

real unemployment rate

The real unemployment rate is around 25%! More and more businesses are closing their doors & good, responsible people who have committed their lives are getting furloughed.  Which is really a nice way to say you no longer have a job, but place your life on hold for us just in case things change!

Reality Of The Real Unemployment Rate

Insanity – The Government Is Not Going To Take Care of Your Economy, They Are Far To Busy Trying To Take Care of Theirs.

If it is not yet obvious to you: If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same result.  NOW is the time to change.  Yes, I know the unknown can be scary but really the picture is pretty clear.  If you keep counting on companies and governments to take care of you….well, I should not have to say much more.

Here’s a blast from the past that may help:

In 1913 a gallon of milk cost $.32. In 2008 the
average price was $4.00. That’s a 1,250% increase.

In 1913 a loaf of bread cost $.06. In 2008 it was
about $2.16. That’s a 2,246% increase.

In 1913 a car cost $490. In 2008 the average car
cost $27,800. That’s a whopping 5,673% increase.

In 1913 a gallon of gas cost $.12. In 2008 $1.50.
A 1,250% increase.

In 1913 you could buy a house for $3,395. In 2008
the average median home cost $206,200. A 6,074%

So, Inflation is crazy and regardless of the current economy there is a trend here. The real unemployment rate is going up, as well as foreclosures, national debt and bankruptcy. ..

How are you preparing? What are you doing to protect you self and your family? How are you creating your own micro-economy? What is your Plan B?  This information was brought to our attention through the Elevation Group membership.  To get more information about this membership & how to prosper during this wealth transfer go to

It is 100% TRUE that you create your own reality
through your mindset…

But having a positive mindset and an abundance
mentality doesn’t mean ignoring relevant facts.

It means being able to improvise, adapt and overcome
any circumstances and having the creativity to turn
any situation into a positive.

History repeats itself and you can either be hobbled by it or empowered, if you’re
conscious of it.

Do your due diligence & pick a path but don’t stick you head in the sand and get left behind.  The Elevation Group teaches you how you can become extremely rich in today’s economic turmoil & overcome the real unemployment rate!

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