Should I Start A Blog?


Should I Start A Blog? 


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I get asked this questions ALL the time.  We started blogging in 2009 and it has been the main key to success with gaining qualified leads for our business.  Leads that reach out and call us!  So, to all those people who ask…Should I start a blog?  My answer is YES YES YES you should BUT…starting a successful blog takes commitment, the right hosting, platform, plugins, SEO, keywords, list building system, content etc.

Which leads to the next question…How should I start a blog? Should I start a blog on, or Blogger?  Which is the best platform? And the long list of questions continues.   You may be wondering if you should start a blog but you just don’t know where to start or who to listen to.

You can take a lot of the guessing and headache out of getting started by having us setup your blog for FREE – that’s right, all you do is pay for hosting and we will set up your blog with the right plugins, SEO, widgets, etc.  All you have to do is subscribe now.  Starting your blog gets you on track to success but knowing “how” to blog keeps you successfully branding you and attracting business.  It can be overwhelming to say the least.

I remember feeling that way in 2009 but after some research I made the best business purchase ever when I bought Ty Tribble’s MLM Blog Secrets program for $97.  It was a step-by-step video series which helped me create my very first and most successful blog to date –!  We teach our team how to start a blog and brand themselves (not the company) to create a successful network marketing business using the exact strategies and many more we’ve learned over the years.

The bad news is the MLM Blog Secrets is 3 years old and oudated but the great news is there is now a new, updated and less expensive series of tutorials to help you get started with your own blog.  It has 12 getting started with WordPress videos and another 17 videos to help you build a list, learn marketing strategies and convert your leads into customers.

Right now, BloggerPop is less than 13 cents a day, so go check it out.  Yes, the name is strange but the info is invaluable & I couldn’t be more excited because it cuts my coaching time down & speeds up our teams online success!  This is a must for any team member who wants to start a successful blog & keep it successful.

how to start a successful blog

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Should I start a blog? Yes and the first step to starting a successful blog is to get this program.  It’s for anyone wanting to start a blog and build their online business success in any niche.

I only ask one thing…if you get this and start a successful blog, please come back and tell me what you think about BloggerPop.  How much it helped and what could be added because the best thing about this program is that it will NEVER be out of date.  It will constantly be updated and you will have access to every update.  Making sure your blog & business are successful!

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