The SISEL Advantage

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What’s The SISEL Advantage?

sisel internationalMany networkers are asking why they have never heard of SISEL
& if you ask me it’s because their culture is not one that emphasizes growth and prosperity.  SISEL is just another MLM that looks good on the outside but the engine is missing.  This may sound harsh and you are probably wondering how I would know or dare to make such statements.

sisel distributor reviewIn 2012 I was the International Distributor of the year with SISEL and by early 2013 I resigned.  You can read more about why by clicking SISEL International Review

May this information help you make a more informed decision about who you really are partnering with.  Just know this, every network marketing company owns 51% business so make sure the people at the helm are the kind of  want to be friends with even if you DON’T do business with them.


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