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organo gold australiaMany people have heard of SISEL International & as of December 5th 2012 SISEL launched in Australia.

Being eternal entrepreneurs, we were looking for a real opportunity to help people in Australia get out of financial mess as quickly as possible.  We were with SISEL International for 4 years and reached the top rank but found that very very very few people could sustain the growth due to lack of continuity within the company.  Every leader was leading in a different direction and trying to make something stick.  Thus we felt it was time to regroup and see what growing companies were doing to create such success.   Organo Gold quickly caught our attention for so many reasons but initially the number of top income earners was astounding.  The company is only 4 years old and has all ready created more millionaires than any other network marketing company and 5 of the top 11 income earners in all of MLM are with Organo Gold!

We would have been crazy not to take a deeper look.  Given that fact that we had many connections in Australia & OG was launching in AUS very soon…we had to ask all the right questions and get all the right answers to move forward and partner with them.

Below are things to consider when choosing to partner with any network marketing company but particularly, Organo Gold or SISEL International in Australia.  Organo Gold launches in Australia as of June 1, 2013 – SISEL International launched in Australia December 5, 2012.

Join Organo Gold or Sisel International Australia

When it comes to making the decision of which company to join, there are many factors one should consider.  If you are looking at a company that is getting ready to launch in your country (as Organo Gold & SISEL International are both launching in Australia) you really need to know all the facts of how the company supports the launch of EVERY country.  No matter how great you may be, the answers to these questions will determine your success an the success of your team.

1.  Are the products fully registered by the TGA?  The business is NFR-Not For Resale which puts restrictions on your ability to build a business in Australia if the products are not yet registered by the TGA.  While a company is NFR – distributors can not advertise the business opportunity, hold large meetings, etc.  Organo Gold is fully registered to do business in Australia & all products are registered by the TGA as well.

NFR restrictions according to their website:  Click SISEL International Australia to read the rest.
As an NFR market there are a few restrictions. Orders may not exceed a 3 month supply of any one product (all product orders are for personal use ONLY).

2.  Does the company have warehousing in Australia?  We all know how frustrating it is to have to wait 2-3 weeks to get our first orders. The quicker we can get products in the hands of distributors and customers, the faster we will grow our business.  Organo Gold has warehousing in Sidney, Australia so ALL orders are shipped immediately from the local warehouse rather than shipping from the USA & taking 21+ days on average to arrive.

3.  Is there customer service in the country?  Organo Gold has customer service and a local office in Sydney, with regular business hours.  If there is no customer service in Australia, you and your team members must call the USA during USA business hours Monday -Friday to resolve any order issues and/or questions you may have or email them directly and wait for a response.

4.  Are all marketing materials available & updated for that country? Having the proper marketing materials available, with the correct pricing etc is extremely important.  After all, your business relies on work of mouth advertising and exposure.  All Organo Gold marketing materials are up to date for Australia.

5.  Last but not least be sure to check out the difference between PV & BV – Product volume and Bonus volume (the volume you get paid on).  Because of the cost of doing business in Australia the product cost is higher than the bonus volume.  The difference here could mean $1,000’s less in commissions!  The cost of products differs only by a few dollars & Organo Gold has no GST on products because they are beverages.  This saves the consumer 10% and keeps the bonus volume almost identical to that of the USA and Canada.

6. What system & leadership is in place to support growth?  Once we looked at OG and realized that in just 4 short years they all ready have 5 of the top 11 income earners in all of network marketing, we could not deny the fact that success leaves clues and they had the right system.  The Organo Gold system has created more millionaires than any other company in history.  Organo Gold is the only company endorsed by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is setting industry records every month.

organo gold australiaNo matter what company you choose, these are very important things to consider and we hope this information helps you make the right decision for yourself and your team.  Leadership is probably the most important thing that sets a company and team apart from ALL the others.  We have been with a company & a team that lacked true leadership, we have struggled through alone and tried to help many do the same.  We have also been honored and blessed to work as part of a team of leaders who help people build their dreams and develop the skills needed to draw out the best in everyone.

We get much further together than we do apart.  Ethical leaders unite with Organo Gold in Australia and abroad.  For more information about Organo Gold & Go Diamond, please contact us via email, skype or cell.

Jack Walker 541-263-0314

Dani Walker 541-263-0641  Skype: daniwalkerlive



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