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sisel international distributor

sisel distributorI’m so “excited” to tell the world about a “dynamic” company called Sisel International. When I heard that Mr Tom Mower Senior was the owner & founder with his son Tom Junior, I had no hesitation in joining Sisel International.  Being familiar with Tom’s previous company, which was a successful billion dollar company, producing, at the time the most superior products & which was one of the top five MLM’s in the world that he would take SISEL International to the top.

Tom has continued the Mower Mission with SISEL.  They manufacture all of their own products and they are “one-of-a-kind”, toxin free and are highly superior to any other products on the market. They are based on the latest science and Sisel offers an incredible compensation plan which is also phenomenal.

SISEL International Distributors Success

The name “Sisel” (pronounced “Sizzle”) is an acronym which stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

I have been involved in network marketing for over two decades now and have learned a lot about Multi-level Marketing & alternative health. I have been suffering from ongoing health problems, being a little over weight since I was diagnosed with Sciatica, which was caused by a prolapsed disc in my lower back.

Before I was diagnosed with Sciatica about four years ago, my weight was 187lb (85kg) then it ballooned to 224lb (101.5kg) due to the lack of exercise and work that I use to do and not to mention the pain and stress that went with the changes in my life. So the next time I went to see my Doctor, he suggested I lose some weight to help me with my Sciatica.

sisel international distributorSo I decided to take the Doctor’s advice to lose some weight. I got on my computer that day and saw so many people who had there before and after photo’s posted on the Sisel International website.  It was so incredible to see all of those people who had lost so much weight. So I ordered the weight loss products, Siselean, Accelerator, Slender pops & Recurve to try them for myself.

Since I have been using all of these products, my metabolism feels like a burning furnace and I have lost over 17.2lb’s (7.8kg) in 21 day with amazing results. My goal is to get back to my original weight of 187lb (85kg) and I’m well on my way.

I encourage anybody who finds it hard to lose that extra weight to give the Sisel weight loss products a go…you will be truly amazed and others will take notice. Click on the weight loss link to see for yourself… SISEL Weight Loss Before & After  or for more product lines Sisel Internetional products.


SISEL International Distributor

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