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Of the 4000 legitimate network marketing companies SISEL International ranks #1 home based business.

SISEL International (pronounced “sizzle”)

10 Reasons For SISEL International Success:

1. Best Potential for growth, momentum & market penetration.

2. Products: Scientifically researched, efficacious products that are unique, patented & priced right.

3. Income potential: Excellent, with a Global Seamless Compensation Plan.  You can build an international business from day 1 without all the paperwork & red tape!

4.  Management:  Exceptional, with over 27 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry, building billion dollar, international companies.

5.  Stability:  SISEL has a track record & financial strength unparelled in the industry.  SISEL International is privately owned, debt free, in 13 different countries & has ranked #1 in Japan, Europe & the U.S.

6.  Corporate interface: exceptional customer service & tech support

7. Brand: With their 100% Toxin free mission, SISEL has a professional online presence, packaging & advertising in a niche market

8. Support: offering the best virtual office, tools, training, webinars, literature

9.  Manufacturing:  This truly set SISEL International apart.  The company has it’s own 400,000 sq ft manufacturing facility where quality, potency, purity & efficacy of EVERY product is tested before during & after formulation.

10. Approach: SISEL is fun, people experience results, both physically & financially, the company recognizes and supports their business builders & customers.

If you are looking for a Network Marketing Company to build from home & create a long term residual income, do your due diligence & take a look at what SISEL International can offer you.

Jack & Dani Walker


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