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How To Choose The Best Network Marketing Opportunity

network marketing opportunityAs 2011 ends you may be wondering which Network Marketing opportunity of 2011 will make it to 2012?  No doubt the current economy has taken it’s tole on many companies large & small.  Some are built to last and others are out of business.

There are three points to consider when choosing a Network Marketing opportunity.

Debt, Manufacturing & Support:

1. Is the company debt free?  If they are over-expended & in massive debt  like most American households, turn the other way.  The only companies that will withstand the coming economy will be those that are privately held and debt free.

2.  Does the company manufacture their own products as well as private label for other companies?  This is key not only to quality control but also longevity.  When a company manufactures for other companies they know the competition, the competition pays the companies overhead & the network marketing opportunity is set up to last.

In the history of Network Marketing less than 5% of companies have invested the millions necessary to build a facility

to formulate and manufacture their own products.  When you find a company that has done so, they are making a strong statement to long term commitment, stability & quality.

3.  What support will you have?  You need to consider the upline and corporate support you will receive.  Does corporate provide the offline and online tools necessary to succeed? If so, how much support through conference calls, face to face meetings, 3 way calls etc. will the team of distributors provide?  Does the upline have the skills?  If not, is there someone upline that does?  If so, do they have time to mentor and help you build success?

There are many other considerations when trying to figure out which company is the best vehicle for you but these 3 set SISEL International apart from other Network Marketing Opportunities and these 3 qualifications alone are what ensure longevity.

SISEL International is debt free.  Tom Mower Sr. the founder has been debt free since 1974 & he walks his talk.  He invested over 100 million & built a 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility before he launched SISEL.  If you invested 100+ million of your own money into a permanent manufacturing facility…how committed would you be?

Mysiselpro is the most state-of-the-art online marketing system.  This site allows the novice an opportunity to attract leads, build teams and get information to anyone, anywhere in the world; complete with a web conference room and contact manager.

Real people with a real passion to make a living by making a difference are helping people like you and me build passive residual income in today’s economy.

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How long have you been in Network Marketing?  How many different companies have you succeeded in that are no longer around or are “restructuring” at the cost of your team success?  Professional network marketer have seen it all but we are quickly approaching economic times never seen in world history.  If your company does not have everything…and I mean EVERYTHING set in place to whether this storm…it will not make it & neither will you.

Find a company that walks their talk, then partner with them and help others achieve physical and financial freedom!

Jack & Dani Walker

SISEL International Brand Partners



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