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 SISEL International Review

sisel international review distributorsJack & Dani Walker – SISEL International top recruiters and International Distributors of 2012, resigned April 2013.  WHY?

We were top leaders for 4 years and have been behind the curtain of SISEL International. I wrote this review years ago and until Dec 09 2015 this WAS the most honest yet diplomatic SISEL International review you could read.

Why? Because I just got my mail today, Dec 09, 2015 and had a letter from SISEL legal threatening suit and demanding that I take any “defamatory” statements off of this website.  In this case, truth is considered defamatory so to forgo a lawsuit, I’ve edited this SISEL International review.  Here’s what I can say (unless they force me to take this down too).

In April 2013 Jack & Dani Walker (pictured here) & Clayton & Cathy Wilson, all 5* Master Distributors with SISEL International, resigned their positions.  Walking away from substantial incomes and International teams.

SISEL International Review:

These resignations are not publicized but it is important to know what is happening within the company from leading distributors.  Please read through the SISEL International review below and feel free to contact us before you choose which direction to go.

Below is a review I, Dani, wrote in 2011 and much has changed since so should you REALLY want to build a home based business with SISEL International, I implore you to do your research BEFORE making the wrong decision.  There are 100’s of network marketing opportunities that are much better than this one…promise.

SISEL International Review & Facts

1. SISEL International is a debt free, U.S. based global network marketing company founded in 2006 by former Neways owner, Tom Mower Sr.  In 2009, Jack & Dani Walker, joined SISEL International because of the liquid nutritional products that helped Jack overcome Sarcoidosis.  Our resignation had nothing to do with the products and everything to do with the company.  If you are looking at SISEL you should know that both Tom & his ex-wife DeeAnn served time for tax evasion click here for more info.   In our 4 years with SISEL we had many network marketing leaders flat out say that this indictment is the reason they would never look at the company.  Our experience in building SISEL successfully for 4 years was that those who joined without knowing about this, usually quit as soon as they found out, so it is best to table it and go from there.  If you join, be upfront and honest – don’t hide it.

Why we walked away from 4 years of success: SISEL International review.  To forgo the chance of a lawsuit, I’ve edited my previous writing.

sisel distributor reviewI will say this, ultimately, the straw that broke the camels back for me, Dani Walker was the 1,000 tiny cuts and the slow erosion of my own integrity as I continued to sweep issues under the rug for money.  It was time for me to take a stand and regain my own honor.  In January of 2013 we were awarded the International Distributor of 2012 by Tom Sr himself and by April 2013, I walked away with my integrity frayed but in tact.


2. SISEL is in more than 30 countries but many of them are NFR – Not For Resale which comes with marketing and promotional challenges that you as a distributor will lose team members over.  We were solely responsible for opening Australia and today, November 22, 2014, I spoke with one of our team members who stayed.   She confirmed that all the same issues still remain over 2 years after opening the country.

3. SISEL International formulates and manufactures their own products in the Supra Naturals facility.  They also manufacture nutritional products for other MLM companies.  Since they are not a member of the DSA the company does not have to report their yearly revenue and growth. The manufacturing for other companies pays for SISEL to make their own products, good business model for SISEL as they often to “me too” products that they already make for other companies.

4. SISEL has a unilevel hybrid compensation.  If you are planning to build outside the USA, take a close look at the commissions on sales in those countries and the huge increase in cost of product.  Most countries have a very small BV on every product.  Thus your team sales look phenomenal compared to your actual commission.  SISEL changed their comp plan 5 times in my 4 years so I really have no idea whit it looks like now.

It is best for you to contact Sisel & ask about their most recent SISEL International compensation plan.

5. Preferred customers do not have to pay to join. They used to get a 20% discount but this is no longer in effect.

SISEL REVIEW: What Does SISEL Stand For?

The name “SISEL” (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym which stands for; Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, Longevity

sisel international products

SISEL: Science Innovation Success Energy Longevity

SISEL International Product Review:

SISEL’s products are made at Supra Naturals manufacturing facility in the U.S.  The facility Supra Naturals is owned and operated by SISEL International and makes products for other companies in the health and wellness industry.  If you tour the facility you will see several of these companies product.  Actually, every time we brought groups in to tour, there were more of other companies products in the facility than SISEL products?!?

SISEL International Products

sisel international review

SISEL International product lines are ever expanding as they have the power to formulate and produce products on a whim.  This would seem to be of great benefit yet it only causes problems for distributors.

With over 180 products & no flagship, new distributors find themselves overwhelmed with trying to learn about them all, figure out which ones to promote and how.  Remember 88% of network marketers are working this business part-time so the more simple and streamlined the better.


Why we quit SISEL International…

sisel distributor reviewHaving said all this, we, Jack & Dani Walker worked loyally for 4 years to organically build a wonderful team of amazing people with a passion for health & a vision for making a difference in the world.  We never had success in network marketing before but because we created an online presence, our diligence paid off big with SISEL.  We were 2012 top recruiters of the year, Mower Mountain winners and given the International Distributor of the year award but we resigned, giving up all we had created in late April 2013.

Why would we walk away from substantial passive income?  you may ask…

As I said above, we loved the toxin free mission and SISEL’s products but we could no longer align ourselves with the direction the company was being driven for many reasons.  We made the very difficult choice to resign; giving up our full time incomes and amazing teams because we could no longer align ourselves with the company and keep our own integrity in tact.

We could have easily continued to collect a check and quietly sat by for another couple years but we refused to bring another person into the culture & I needed to gain clear perspective and inner peace  so  with  the complete support of my husband, I  resigned.

I, Dani, tell those who are bold enough to call me…If you are looking to create a small income of less than $2000 a month by referring customers…go for it.  If your desire is a full time income by becoming a team leader…find a different company.  Lifestyle is worth so much more than the money you may or may not earn struggling to build a SISEL International business.

You see, only some network marketing companies really level the playing field for everyone to succeed.  88% of all network marketers build their business on a part time basis of 5-7 hours a week.  If the company does not have a congruent message, with a product or service everyone already uses & most importantly, the support in place to help those with very limited time, succeed…then you better be ready to climb Everest.

Success rises and falls with leadership: If a company is 9+ years old and does not have anyone earning $100k a month, then it may be time to look elsewhere.  As Mark Yarnel once told me, “If the company does not have distributors earning $100k a month, then it is not yet a company with established leadership which can train others and sustain momentum.”

To earn money is one thing but to help others earn life changing income is another entirely and now is the time to really make a difference in many lives with a simple product, system and the support needed to succeed.

Given all of these circumstances, many which were out of our control…we rose above and did what was right no matter how much it hurt…we resigned on April 29th, 2013.  As much as we love the industry, we seriously considered never being a part of it again.  We were exhausted, disappointed, frustrated and dismayed…and we MADE money!   We could have EASILY sold our position and maybe we should have but ultimately we just needed to get out!

After 18 months reprieve & time to gather our thoughts, set some new goals and surround ourselves with ethical, solution oriented people our love for the industry has been renewed.

MLM really is a poor man’s investment opportunity where we get to help people get where they want to go!  So…we are back in the game of free enterprise and moving forward with a renewed hope and sense of direction.  Everything we’ve been through prepared us for this day.

If you still believe in the concept of network marketing and passive residual income that really can be created on a part-time basis, we encourage you to contact us.  We will openly answer any questions you may have – no commitments, no pressure, no hype – promise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this SISEL Review and for doing your due diligence.  We hope you found this information helpful and wish you absolute peace and prosperity.

dani walker sisel“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”  Margaret Mead

Jack & Dani

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