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SISEL International Review

Sisel International MLM company based in Springville UT  is a supplement and skin care network marketing company that I was awarded top recruiter and International distributor of the year for in 2012.  After 4 loyal years with SISEL International, I worked my tail off and reached top rank in the company, was able to go full time in the industry and open several countries but by 2013 I knew I could no longer align myself with the owner, Tom Mower Sr.  It was time for me to resign and wash my hands of any filth.  For more information about SISEL and a more in depth look at why I walked…click SISEL International Review.

Everyone is looking for something more, something real and stable in this turbulent industry we call network marketing. An opportunity that they can have confidence in and stand with integrity as they talk to friends, family and strangers alike.  I know that is now goal in evaluating home based business opportunities.

When we first found out about SISEL is was because my husband was sick and a friend gave us one of SISEL’s Products called Fucoydon.  The product helped my husband and without any further evaluation we started sharing.  When we did finally go to the manufacturing facility to meet Tom Mower Sr, his staff, tour SupraNaturals etc. my husband was NOT fond of Mr Mower at all but I, Dani, was willing to overlook his intuition because the Triangle of Life was working so well for him.

Let me give you a little wisdom when it comes to choosing a network marketing company,  regardless of how great the products are…go meet the founder, the corporate team, do your due diligence much the same as you would if it were a $100K investment to get started.  Great products are important BUT great partners are imperative, ESPECIALLY if you plan on building what I refer to as ‘mailbox income’ and that’s what we ALL desire.  So look closely, poke, prod, investigate BEFORE you partner and if you’ve already partnered with a company then go back and do all of this now before you spend years and grow a huge business.

How amazing is it to think that this industry puts every person on an equal playing field. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or didn’t graduate from high school, you have the same opportunity for success as any other person in Network Marketing but you must choose the right network marketing opportunity for you.

MLM SISEL International Review

As you read this post I’m sure it is not the information you were hoping to read about SISEL.  I get many calls from people researching the company and wanting to know why I would walk away from such an income?  What did Tom do?  What did the company do?  Should they still join SISEL?

So here is a list of things you may not know about SISEL until you join:

SISEL launched in 2006

In 2015 the company still does not have a $100K a month money earner and my dear friend, the late Mark Yarnell always said that a company is not a company until someone is earning $100k a month.  He also always said that leaders in the industry would never partner with SISEL because of Tom’s shady past.  So far he’s been absolutely right.

There are many so called ‘Leaders’ that have been bought, places, given special deals and favors to come to SISEL.  Other teams have been dangled as carrots to get some of these people and moved without their knowledge.

SISEL changed their comp plan 6 times between 2009-2013 when I resigned and has since changed it at least 3 additional times.  For a newbie networker, this may not seem extreme but for the experienced networker a comp plan change can and usually does devastate a team an any momentum.  It certainly did EVERY time they made a comp plan change while we were there.

Tom Mower Sr. has ADHD when it comes to product development.  Seriously, if you’ve been with SISEL for any given time you know that there’s a new HOT HOT HOT product every 30 days.  This again makes it difficult to gain any traction and build momentum.  Many times the product comes out with no marketing materials or sales tools to help distributors learn or market and before they are created, there’s another new product.

Most countries SISEL opens are NFR.  Don’t even get me started with the troubles this causes for a team.  The countries leadership is not well supported and eventually will find a company that cares an has the tools, support, warehousing, customer service etc on the ground – OTG.

I could go on and on and I will avoid publically posting the illegal things I watched go on over the years I was there.  The above information should be enough for any person of integrity and leadership to realize that SISEL is not the legacy company they are looking for.

I am reminded that people do desire to build a business filled with honor and integrity.  We deserve nothing less!  Which is why I am no longer with Sisel International.  Click Sisel International Review to read more, but simply put…Sometimes you don’t know that the car looked better from the outside until you get in a drive it for a while.

Red pill or blue pill,

Dani Walker

P.S. If you would like to discuss SISEL I ask that you contact me through the contact tab above.  Thank you.


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