Be Fit & Fabulous With SiseLEAN


Sisel International’s New SiseLEAN

siselean  Get the inside scoop on the power of SiseLEAN:

•Builds lean muscle, stronger bones, healthier tissue and organs
•BMI & BMR increases
•Appetite is satisfied & suppressed
•Ghrelin, the hormone of hunger is blocked
•Bile salts that digest fat are inhibited
•Slow digesting Micellar caseinates swell in stomach giving fullness that lasts up to 6 hours
•No toxins, lactose, soy, hormones, fats, pesticides/herbicides, to cause inflammation and create metabolic syndrome
SiseLEAN puts a whole new spin on “Why sizzle fat when you can sizzle lean!”

SiseLEAN Fit & Fabulous

Take The Body Sculpting Challenge:

Sisel sets the stage for you to get Fit & Fabulous in 2012!

With this SiseLEAN Body Sculpting Challenge you can get fit for free too.  All you have to do is find three people who want to take the challenge with you and your product is free!   It’s the find 3, get your free – Fit & Fabulous challenge.

If you want to know exactly why SiseLEAN is so powerful, how it is formulated & why people are losing 2-8 pounds after just one week…click SiseLEAN and listen to formulator Tom Mower Sr. explain it all!

To get more specifics on the Fit & Fabulous Body Sculpting Challenge simply reach out and contact us!

Take Back Your Life – Health, Wealth & Happiness!

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