And The Rich Get Richer…

why the rich get richer

Why Do You Think The Rich Get Richer?

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The Richie Rich Get Richer

Have you noticed that the rich get richer?  Why do you think this is?  Are they smarter? Do they have everything handed to them on a silver platter?  Did Dad leave them a pot of gold?  Did they win the lottery?  NO NO NO…

Do you want to think and grow richer with them?  The rich actually look forward to economic downturn to grow their wealth.  They get in front of the opportunity and take action long before the masses even know there is an opportunity.  They position themselves to create their wealth.   Are you looking forward to creating wealth or back to getting a job?

It is no secret that the economy is in transition.  The 40/40 plan is outdated & broken.  Baby boomers and Eco boomers are all looking at the future in wonder of what it will bring and now more than ever YOU have the opportunity to create the life you dream of.  BUT…yes, there is always a catch and the catch is you.  What you think…you will create.

Proof That The Rich Get Richer

In 2011 during the recession, as unemployment hit an all time high & countries went bankrupt; Rolls Royce reported their highest sales in 107 years.  Sales were up 31% from 2010.  So I ask you this…what recession?

You see the rich get richer and today’s uncertain times create massive opportunities.  Those who capitalize on these opportunities WIN.  They get to live a life free from the limitations of world economy because they create their own economy.  True Freedom!

Now more than ever you have the ability to build your wealth, create freedom & do what YOU are passionate about.  The fact of the matter is: The current global recession will create 10 million new millionaires.  The question is…will you be one of them?

Get Rich & Grow Richer

The super wealthy predict and identify wants, problems and needs before they actually occur.  I am not alone in predicting the huge wellness industry explosion, nor am I alone in predicting the home based & online business explosion.  Paul Zane Pilzer predicted in his book The Wellness Revolution, that 10 million millionaires would be created from 2006-2016 & the wellness industry would be the next trillion dollar industry.  Steve Siebold predicted that between 2012-2018 more new millionaires will be created than in the last 20 years.

Everyone from the unemployed to the corporate puppets are looking for an opportunity to create their own economy.  No more rush hour, no more worry about losing retirement, no more being overworked, unappreciated and underpaid.  You see the current “transitional economy” is forcing people to wake up & finally create their own life & lifestyle.

What opportunity are you looking for?  What are you passionate about?  Most importantly…Who will mentor your growth?

I often sign my posts “red pill or blue pill” because I know the world is a matrix.  There is a way to predict the future, position yourself & get rich with us.  Those with the commitment and foresight will gain while others only hope to ride their coattails.  The time is now!

Now is your time to create your wealth, stop taking orders from people you don’t even like and be your own boss.  If you want to learn how to leverage the next transfer of wealth and economy, click here – it’s NOT network marketing.

The Rich Get Richer.  Find your mentor and partner with someone who thinks and grows rich, cares enough about your success to guide you, your team and won’t charge you for it.  That is a true mentor!

The choice is always yours…

red pill or blue pill.


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