Tianshi Closes Operations In US & Canada

tianshi closes doors

Tianshi Health Products No Longer In US & Canada

tianshi closes doorsTianshi Health Products is the first China based direct selling company that manufactures and distributes Traditional Chinese Health Products Internationally.  With over 190 Regional offices throughout the world, Tianshi opened its doors in North America in 1999 and now has over 11,000 Independent Consultants.

They announced that Tianshi will close Us & Canada operations.  Click Tianshi Closes Operations to see the official notice.

Is The Network Marketing Industry Imploding?

We are only 1 month into 2012 and all ready I have posted similar information about 3 other companies.  Which one will be next?  If you want my guess you will have to email me directly.  You may ask yourself if network marketing is still a viable profession?

There are 3190 different companies in the industry.  Network marketing grows in a down economy and it has made more millionaires that any other industry…not to mention the billions of dollars every year that is taken from the pockets of huge corporations that wish to do us all in by making us fat, sick & broke.

Even though Tianshi & Havvn have closed doors & several others are on the brink…network marketing is more viable now than ever.  If you really want to build long term, passive income; now more than ever it is up to you to choose the right company.  Even the Trump Network is on the brink of collapse (ok, I guess you don’t have to contact me directly).

The global economy is funneling everyone into a few companies with the structure to withstand these times.  As so many people are looking for multiple streams of income there are only a few network marketing companies that are in the concentration phase, debt free, global, provide multiple consumable product lines with the right compensation plan to really make a difference in people’s lives. Free Sports App


Don’t wait until you wake up one day and your business is gone.

Red pill or blue pill,


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