Why Tom Mower Chose Network Marketing

sisel international

sisel international

Many people ask why Tom Mower chose to build his business in the network marketing industry.  Here is the answer from Tom Mower Sr. himself…

[audio:https://mlmvantage.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Sisel-call-part-1.mp3|titles=Tom Mower Sr Call 11-09-11]

So how does SISEL differ from the rest of the Network Marketing Companies you’ve represented?

• Billionaire Owned and Operated Network Marketing Company
• An Affordable Consumption-Based Program that Everyone Needs
• The Most Lucrative Customer Rewards Program Ever Created
• Designed to Minimize Attrition and to Maximize Retention
• Get paid 5 times a month with the most lucrative comp plan
• Earn on 7 Generations of Fast-Start Bonuses Paid Weekly
• Participate in all the Monthly Company-Wide Bonus Pools
• Build a significant Income with 9 levels of Commissions
• Already in 30 countries
• A Secret in North America
• Poised to be the most successful Network Marketing Company
• Owner has 40 years of product manufacturing experience
• We own a 400,000 sqft manufacturing plant
• Manufacturing Plant makes products for 40 existing Network
Marketing Companies
• Owner has 18 years of Success in the Network Marketing Arena
• Already built a billion dollar company
• Poised to do it again
• Timing couldn’t be better

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