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When it comes to service business in the tree industry the Pacific Northwest has 1000’s of companies to choose from. Picking the right one is imperative.

tree care industry

You own a home and that home has some very valuable trees on it. Make sure you choose who is going to care for those assets wisely. Be informed of how the tree care companies perform their work.

Questions to ask before hiring a tree care company:

  • Are the staff ISA certified arborists? This credential comes with a lot of clout and should not be ignored. ISA certified arborists have proven experience as well as education in proper pruning and tree removal techniques. You should ask for their ISA # and can look it up to confirm.
  • How long have they been in business? How long has their pruner/climber been working?
  • Do they climb spurless? This is most important when having your trees pruned. If you are having a removal done it doesn’t matter if your tree is spurred. Spurless climbing is the best when pruning because it is the least impact and least invasive.
  • Do you need stump grinding service? Then make sure they have the right equipment to grind below ground surface and give 1 call back. Sometimes the mulch from stump grinding can cover up a root or piece of a stump and any professional tree stump grinding service will give you 1 free call back to make sure clients are happy.

Always remember that your trees are valuable and when taken care of properly they raise the value of your home significantly. If you have questions about anything that has to do with trees, Trees Are Good is a great resource.

Service businesses thrive when they provide excellent customer service and complete competency as well as thorough communication. When you call to get a free estimate be cognizant of how they communicate from the beginning. When the estimator shows up, be there to ask questions and if you don’t gain confidence in their ability, then call a different tree care business. They all offer free estimates.

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