What Is Network Marketing?

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 What Is Network Marketing, Really?

Network MarketingWhen pondering the question “What is Network Marketing?” (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) you may think about housewives buying and selling housewares or Stella and Dot jewelry while gossiping and drinking wine.

This image couldn’t be further from the reality of network marketing.

Network marketing is neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme;  but a legitimate opportunity for you to earn REAL money running your own part- or full-time business.

Network marketing is serious business for driven and self-motivated individuals. Firms who launch products people need and want at a fair price often choose the network marketing business model and provide a proven system/road map for team member/independent representative success.  Ultimately in this model, the financial benefits are paid directly to the sales representative, rather than big corporations such as WalMart, Target, etc.    If you follow the simple, proven and duplicable system that the good companies like Yevo International provide and you will likely reap amazing financial rewards.

Network marketing isn’t about taking advantage of your friends and relatives. Although sharing the products or services and the opportunity with people you know is still the basic foundation of the business, today we see more people using sophisticated marketing techniques such as the Internet, conference calling and other long-distance sponsoring techniques to extend their network across the country and world.

The most successful people building network marketing business do so in an organized method. They work a few dedicated hours each week, with each hour of effort serving as a building block for their long-term business growth. Then they sponsor other people and teach those people how to sell the company product and sponsor others who duplicate the process.

By helping the people you personally sponsor to sponsor others, you duplicate yourself. As this process continues, you create compound growth that can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people coming into your business. You leverage your time by helping others be successful and earn an income from all their efforts.

Yevo International is a brand new company that launched in February 2105.   The investment is a minimum of $50 to join onto the team, and with just 1 sale, you will achieve return on your investment.  Yevo International has a global vision and is launching in Canada and Mexico in its first year.  If you are looking for low-overhead, home-based business opportunity  that can actually offer many of the tax advantages associated with owning your own business, please consider joining my team.  I will personally help you ensure that you reach all the goals you set and will celebrate each milestone you achieve.   I promise that next time you are asked the question “What is Network Marketing” you will find yourself replying, it’s an amazing business opportunity that enables you to be your own boss, travel, have fun and enjoy the lifestyle that extra income can provide.

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To learn more about the Yevo Network Marketing Opportunity, my team and this amazing ground floor opportunity, please contact me using the form below.

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