YEVO Compensation Plan Review

YEVO Compensation Plan Review

Many are hearing about the new food network marketing company, YEVO International.  Compensation plans are usually the first thing networkers look at.  I can share from personal experience the power of a unilevel hybrid compensation plan like the YEVO Compensation Plan.

UPDATE: May, 25, 2016

YEVO is no longer a network marketing company and the compensation is a 3 tiered affiliate plan that pays 20%, 10%, 5%. If you want the up to date YEVO comp plan you can contact Bert Stead by clicking here.  He is a great leader whom I was honored to work with before I was terminated from YEVO and he can give you all the up to date info.

YEVO Comp Plan: 9 Ways To Earn

YEVO Comp Plan

1. Personal Sales Bonus (paid weekly)

2. Preferred Customer Bonus (paid weekly)

3. First 30 Day Bonus (paid weekly)

4. Advancement Bonus (paid monthly)

5. Unilevel Commission (paid monthly)

6. Team Building Bonus (paid monthly)

7. Leader Bonus (paid monthly)

8. Infinity Bonus (paid monthly)

9 Global Bonus Pool (paid monthly)

Click YEVO compensation plan to print off comp plan and go through this video step-by-step.

As you can see the YEVO Comp Plan is highly lucrative for those building part-time or full-time.  They even provide a way for someone who only wants to build a customer base to make serious passive residual income.

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There are a few concepts which I feel are important to point out about YEVO.

1. YEVO is a food company.  We are not competing with 1,000’s of supplement companies.  We will not have to explain every ingredient and what it does or if someone should consult their physician before taking.  There is not another product on the market like YEVO foods.  Sure there are freeze dried, prepackaged meals for outdoorsman and preppers but I dare you to compare the nutritional values.  I’ve taken the time to do so and even the best of the best only provide 15-30% of 5 or 6 essential nutrients.  YEVO foods provide 50% of 43 essentials per serving.  This is food, nothing complicated about that so keep it simple and share a meal with someone.

2. The YEVO compensation plan was created by distributors for distributors.  Peter Castleman has enough financial success. He knows his mission to change 100 years of bad food will not be won alone.  The more he rewards those helping him do this, the more we will spread the message.

3. I’ve been in the indutry for 20 years and never have I ever worked a plan that paid dollar for dollar.  This compensation plan pays commissions on EVERY dollar of sales.  It is revolutionary or as we like to say “YEVOlutionary”!  🙂  For ex:  when a customer orders $100 worth of YEVO food, you get paid commissions on $100.  Many companies have a PV, BV, CV where commissions are only paid on a certain % of every order.

YEVO Comp Plan Highlights:


I know it can be confusing and I encourage you to contact us so we can go through a step-by-step scenario which will help you have a more in depth understanding of the YEVO International compensation plan.

I hope this information helped you to make a more informed decision and I look forward to hearing from you.  If you are still in research mode, I encourage you to read more about YEVO by clicking any of these links YEVO International Distributors   Peter Castleman  Jason Domingo  YEVO International Review

fortune favors the action taker,

Dani Walker

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  1. Misbah

    Hello,, I’m indonesian. I think this company will be my Next Project in network marketing. I hope indonesian can register in YEVO.

    1. dani (Post author)

      Hello Misbah, at this time we are getting ready to launch the USA. Mexico, Korea and Japan will soon follow. As I’m sure Indonesia will expand from Korea and Japan, it will be some time. I will send you all updates and information as thing develop.

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